Sunday, August 16, 2009

Poor Frank- Bret Up Date

This is a favorite picture of Bret and Sierra at Renee's wedding. We are so happy to have Sierra home after spending the summer with her Grandparents in Idaho.

Frank continues to have a fairly good day and then a bad one. Once again today I thought that maybe he would get through the day without vomiting or diarrhea. He got through breakfast, lunch, and then tonight about an hour after dinner, he got sick. He has a pain in his lower stomach that comes and goes. Last night his sister Mary called and when he told her about the pain she thinks he has an infection in his lower intestine. She works in a hospital and has first hand experience with patients health problems. So tomorrow we will try and get in to see Dr. Gorman, our local doctor and see if he has any answers.

This morning I started Frank on probiodics thinking maybe he needs the good bacteria back in his system. We tried a ginger tea last night that had other stuff like peppermint, etc. but as soon as he started to sip it, he knew it wouldn't stay down. I am so worried about him, as he is so weak and can't walk any more for his back therapy. He looks so drawn and his voice is even weak. We have to get him better soon as he has to have an X-Ray of his back surgery in a week or so and then on the 31st he has his check up with his surgeon.

Bret has a pre-op doctor appointment on Wednesday to go over his surgery. Dr. Scott will know by then just what procedure he will use in the surgery, if he will take the whole kidney or not? Bret should know more then what the procedure will be. I think we are all walking in la, la, land hoping and praying that all will go well with the surgery, and that Frank will get better. It is constantly on our minds. I know how nervous I was for my surgery last January, and it was nothing like what Bret is going to go through, so I can't even imagine what is going on in his mind.

Bret and Laura went up to the Provo area Friday and met Dean and Verlene and Sierra. They spent the night and then came home yesterday with Sierra as she starts school in a week. She will be a Sophmore. It was nice to see her again. She has been gone for two months. It is amazing how she has changed. She has grown another two inches, and has filled out some more. She is definitely looking like a young woman now, and Bret will have to carry a baseball bat to keep the boys away from her. LOL

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  1. I read the paragraph about you in your profile. Wow... what a story. I'm so sorry for what happened to your husband. I'll keep you and Frank in my prayers.

    Take care,



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