Saturday, August 8, 2009

Renee's Visit - Progress of Baby

Renee came out to Logandale to visit us and her cousins last Thrusday the 6th. We hadn't seen her since Frank's surgery, and I couldn't believe how big the tummy is getting. Rozlynn is growing and the way time is flying it won't be long and we will be seeing her growing on the outside.
It was a nice surprise when Renee called that morning and said she was coming out. She brought some Carmel popcorn my favorite, my recipe, and Renee says I am the one who taught her how to cook. Actually, she worked in restaurants and learned a lot of fancy cooking. She always loved to cook and still does. The top picture is the most recent and you can see from the other pictures how much the baby has grown. Rozlynn is due November 22, and that will be here in no time.

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