Monday, August 17, 2009

After Thought Frank's Pain

We went over to see Bret a few days ago to have him work on Frank's neck. Afterwards we were talking about the pain frank has in his upper leg, the one he had a complete knee replacement on. Bret got to checking it out and discovered that Frank has a torn muscle. It had to happen when they put the tourniquet on. They used over 300 lbs of pressure and Frank had a lot of pain after surgery and it was so bruised, black, blue, yellow, red, you name it and the color was there.

Frank asked some of the old guys he golfs with that have had knee replacements, and they told him they didn't have a tourniquet, but when we asked the PA about it at Frank's next check up, he said they use it on all patients. So it makes sense that something went wrong for Frank to be so bruised, and it was really hot to the touch for a long time. The home nurse was even concerned about it.

Bret told Frank to massage it crosswise and to use moist heat on it. It seems to be getting much better after doing this. There is scar tissue in there that has to be busted up. So we do have one answerer. Now today at 11:15 we are going to see Dr. Groman and hopefully there will be some answers there. If something doesn't change, I think Frank will end up back in the hospital. I am so afraid that something terrible is wrong and it scares me to death. I can't lose another husband, I can't handle it, and then I am worried about Bret. Way too much to handle right now. Sorry, I am in a real depressed mood.

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