Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Another Sad Day

This isn't Dusty but he looked similar  to this horse

Yesterday my daughter Sherry, had to have her horse Dusty put down. Dusty was a Pure Bred Arabian, and came from Wayne Newton's Arabians.  He has been suffering with arthritis and the joints in his legs had big knots on them and just recently caused him to founder.  He could hardly walk around and has steadily gotten worse.  He gave Sherry many days of joy and was feisty and full of life in his younger days. Sherry rode him most of the time until a few years ago. He would stumble with her and she was afraid of getting hurt.  She knew something was wrong and had the vet look at him.  That is when they discovered he had arthritis and Sherry would not be able to ride him any longer.

She has another horse Ami, and Sherry rode her and took Dusty along.  If Sherry didn't take Dusty with her on the rides, he would throw a fit and run up and down the corral until Sherry got back. He couldn't stand to
have Ami out of his sight.  So it is good that he went ahead of her.

After Dusty was gone, Ami was at the gate and was swaying back and forth, until Sherry took her out to brush her and get her ready to be moved to a new pasture.  Sherry said as soon as she got Ami over by the hay stack, and was brushing her, she calmed down.  Sherry thought that Dusty was there to comfort Ami.

Ami has a seven year old mare named Bella who has been in a different pasture and the two of them have been reunited. They were so happy to see each other. I am sure this will help Ami with the loss of her companion, Dusty.

 I didn't think that losing Dusty would affect me so much, but I have lived in Sherry's home a couple of times and have taken care of the horses while Sherry was at work.  When we moved into one of our rentals, Sherry would drop by with the horses on her way back home from a ride.  Ami and Dusty knew that Grandma would have a carrot or an apple for them and they knew the routine of where to stop.  Sherry has had the horses for over seventeen years.  It is so hard to lose pets, so yes I had a good cry yesterday when I heard that Dusty had been put down, and I told Sherry that is why I don't want any pets because it is too hard to lose them.  

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lunch with the Grandkids

Robyn & Braxton arrived and Rozlynn greeted them

Trying to get Braxton warmed up

Aunt Robyn with Roz and Brax

Had a surprise visitor my grandson Shiloh

The family Jamie, Shiloh, Braxton, Rozlynn, Robyn, & Sherry
A couple of Mondays ago, we decided to have a family lunch at the Scoop. I had a wonderful surprise as Shiloh dropped by on his way home to Cedar City.  He had been in Las Vegas.  It was great to see him and catch up on the news in his life.  I don't get to see him very often.

I am feeling a little depressed as Robyn and Eric are moving to Northern California. Eric has transferred to a hospital in Watsonville, California..  I am excited for them and the new chapter in life they are about to experience.  They are moving to a beautiful area and will be close to the ocean. Actually, I am a little jealous as I love the ocean.  I am going to miss seeing them and especially playing with Braxton. Frank and I usually stop by for a visit on the days Frank has to go to his pain management doctor across the street from where Robyn lives now. Thank heavens for the Internet and facebook where I am sure Robyn and Eric will be posting pictures.  It will also give us a new place to visit and explore.  

I have to say that I am proud of my granddaughter Mackenzie as she was crowned the Homecoming Queen last Thursday evening.  Wish I could have been there to see her get the honor.  It makes me sad to know how many things I have missed in my estranged son's family.  Things are pretty much the same, they have nothing to do with me, and I am still trying to figure out what I have done that was so horrible to deserve this.  There is always something said at church, conference, and the Ensign about forgiveness.  Isn't it about time!!!!!  Some day you will know my pain.  I love my family unconditionally.  We all have said and done things that end up biting us in the butt.  I am so grateful for the family that does love me. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Story of the Drift Creek Covered Bridge

When we went to Portland to pickup Sherry and Lorri, we saw a sign that said Driftcreek Covered Bridge.  This aroused my curiosity and I told Frank that we needed to check it out before we left Lincoln City.

The last week of our vacation, we decided to take a little drive to check out the bridge.  As I walked inside the bridge, I noticed a bench with some papers under a rock.  So I took one and discovered the story of how this bridge was moved and rebuilt on this site. It is kind of long, but I found it very interesting and decided to put it on my blog.

I wondered as I finished the story if the marriage made it through the trial of restoring this bridge.  I hope so. The bridge was well worth the trip to see it, and it became more meaningful after reading the story behind it.
Sorry about the smaller print on the top part, but I couldn't get it to enlarge or make it bolder.