Saturday, March 31, 2012

Always Behind

Braxton showing off his new hair cut

 We had another girls day last Monday.  Robyn and Braxton came over from Mesquite, as Robyn brought Sherry some Essential Oils she had ordered.  We met at The Scoop for lunch, Jamie came a little late.  Sherry, Rozlynn, and I got there before the others and we were eating when Robyn and Jamie got there.  There were a lot of people eating at The Scoop that day, and we were lucky to get a table.  We decided to go back to Sherry's place so a we could free up a table for people who were waiting. Jamie got her food to go, and Renee showed up after we got to Sherry's. 

 I had so much fun playing with the little ones.  Braxton had a ton of curls and Robyn told me he was getting his hair cut the next day.  She posted the above picture on facebook right after the hair cut.  I can't believe how much older it makes him look. 

A week ago Friday, Renee had us bring Rozlynn out to Overton to stay with Renee's Dad's family.  It turned out to be a long day as Rozlynn ended up being sick and Renee had to take her to the doctor, and then she came and got me to sit in the car with Rozlynn while she went into Walmart to get a prescription for Roz.  It was a long wait in the car, over an hour.  Frank was sitting at Sherry's condo waiting for us to return so we could go home. He wasn't a happy camper that day.  He hates waiting for people who should have been there earlier.  

Poor Rozlynn, she has allergies, and she ended up with an ear infection.  It's no wonder that Rozlynn has allergies as I have them, my Mom had them, and Renee has them.  Grandma Jeanie, brought Roz over to me Sunday after church, and she was ready for a nap.  Sherry got here just as Roz woke up. I had a fun weekend playing with babies, or should I say toddlers.  This weekend is devoted to watching conference on TV.  

I forgot to post on my 34th anniversary, March 25th.  I can't believe that we have been married that long.  The time has flown by, and it has been a wonderful 34 years with my hubby.  We are planning a trip to Palm Springs to celebrate. Frank is getting closer to his goal weight, and it is going to be hard to stick to his diet on our trip.  It is getting hard to fix food for me and to know he would love to have some.  I have been trying to make stuff that he doesn't really care for, but at this stage of the game, anything looks good to him. I miss going out to eat once in a while.  

We went to Scoop tonight, and I ordered the new shrimp dinner they have, and I was disappointed as they were the real small ones.  Too expensive for what it was.  I have some Jumbo shrimp in my freezer and I will cook them the next time I want shrimp. I know we always eat at The Scoop, but we only have two restaurants, and a McDonalds in our valley.  Not much of a choice, and Mesquite is 45 miles away.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Family Fun

March 14th was Bret's 49th birthday and it is so hard to believe that many years have flown by.  I keep telling my kids to quit having birthdays as they make me feel ancient.  It seems like I still should be their age.  We celebrated Bret's birthday by going to Los Lupies in Mesquite our favorite Mexican food restaurant.

Laura, Bret, and Sierra

Birthday Boy, and Laura

Grandma, Grandpa , and Merritt

Bret with his family

We went to Mesquite yesterday for Frank's Pain Management appointment, and we got to see this little guy and his Mommy as they live right across the street from the clinic.  This is an old picture on his birthday, but this was what he did for us and was going around on the tile 90 MPH. We had a nice visit and had fun with Braxton. Monday is our cleaning day so it was a real busy day, having to be in Mesquite at 1 PM.  After we visited with Robyn and Brax, we went to Smiths to shop for salad stuff as I had to make a salad for a friend in our ward who is moving.  The first thing I smelled was fresh french bread as we entered the store and I grabbed a loaf to go with the salad.  I wanted to buy me one too, but I have been trying to be good with my diet, and white bread isn't on the menu.  I got home just in time to make the salad finish the wash, and deliver the meal.  Debbie, my partner came and picked me up.  She had made a pork chop casserole and it smelled so good.  I got the recipe from her so I can try it sometime.


 Frank has lost over 40 lbs now.  We bought him some new pants and shirts as everything he has in his closet is too big.  It is getting hard for him to stick to the diet after eating salads and the Medifast food since the middle of January.  So he gained 1 pound back and he was upset, so he has knuckled down and is sticking to the diet again.  He really didn't cheat that much, but I think when you have lost as much weight as he has he may have hit a plateau.  He wants to lose 20 some odd pounds more.  I keep telling him he reminds me of the man I married 34 years ago.  

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cute Grandson

My Granddaughter Robyn put this picture on facebook.  She had put Braxton down for a nap, and when she went in to check on him, she saw that Braxton had taken all of his stuffed animals and placed them around in his crib.  I thought this was too cute to pass up and wanted to put it on my blog.  He is such a cutie pie and I hope to be seeing him soon so I can hug him and play with him.  The stuffed animals look like they are watching over him. It takes a while for him to warm up to me, but once he does we have a lot of fun together.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Time Flies By

I have been thinking about a new post for a couple of weeks and haven't had the energy to do it.  My posts always seem to include Rozlynn.  I know, I am a proud Great Grandma and we love getting to see her as much as possible. She is growing so fast and so has her vocabulary.  A couple of weeks ago we went in to Vegas to Sherry's condo so we could see this cutie pie.  Renee had her all dressed up in poka dots.  She looked like a little doll.  It was funny as I tried to take her picture she would say cheese and then run over to me to look in the camera to see her picture. I couldn't take the picture fast enough, and finally I got the two above shots.

Last Sunday Renee brought Sherry to Overton so Sherry could visit and check on things and also to pick up Rozlynn from her Ramos grandparents. Renee brought Roz over to our place to visit.

Rozlynn and I played, and played until I was tired.  She never ran out of energy.  Oh! how I wish she could give me some of that energy.  She and Grandma Sherry drew pictures and we all had a good laugh seeing the finished pictures of a cat, horse, etc. Let me just say I don't think the word artist fits in our family. Roz could pick out the names of Papa, Grandma, and her name.  She is so smart. She calls Frank Papa and he loves it.

We have been busy bees this past week.  I had to go to Mesquite for a thyroid scan and another new cyst showed up.  This happens every time I have a scan.  Bret says that is normal for an old lady like me, to have a lot of cysts on the Thyroid.  I have to wonder if eventually they will affect my thyroid?  I am so exhausted all the time and the doctor checks my thyroid every time I have blood work.

The day we went to Mesquite for my scan, the wind was blowing so hard, I thought we would be blown off from the road.  After my scan, we went over to Robyn's to visit and I was disappointed that Braxton was asleep, so we didn't get to see him.  Hopefully when Frank goes over for his pain management appointment, we will be able to see him.  The office is right across the street from Robyn's home and we usually drop by to see her and Brax.

We did get to see Robyn, Eric, Brax, Shiloh, Lorri and Carl the day of the Robision Sandoval baseball fund raiser game.  Braxton loves his Grandma Lori, and hung out with her most of the time.  That is until Daddy had food, and then he wanted to go to Daddy to get some of the food.  He is so dang cute and is also growing up fast.  I have to be around Braxton for a while before he warms up to me.  He did give Frank and I a kiss when we left.

Yesterday the 10th, Frank and I had to get up early so we could head to Saint George to attend my best friend's granddaughter's wedding.  We had to set the alarm as we are in the habit of sleeping in especially Frank.  We had to be at the Temple at 10:30 A.M. We got there in plenty of time, but when we tried to find a parking space we found no empty places to park, and had to park a block away.  The shoes I wore weren't the best for walking.  The temple was full of newly wedded couples, no wonder there were no parking spaces.

We still had a good 45 minutes or longer before the ceremony.  It was a very special marriage sealing, and I am so glad we were able to attend.  We were exhausted after wards and hungry, so we stopped at a new restaurant and had lunch.  We headed for home and stopped at Walmart in Mesquite just long enough to return a bedspread that was way too small for our king bed.  Then we got home and we both took a nap.

I went to the dinner they had before the wedding and left Frank sleeping as I knew it would be too much for him to sit some more.  The dinner was really good and afterwards they had us move our chairs over for a ring ceremony.  What a fabulous idea as Summer was walked down the aisle with her grandfather at her side, the bridesmaids, etc following.  In other words like a traditional wedding ceremony. The Bishop, of my friend's ward, did the ceremony of the ring exchange.  This was great for those who couldn't go to the Temple ceremony.  I went home and picked up Frank for the reception.  It was a long day, and the bad part is that the clocks had to be changed to spring forward, and we had to set the alarm again to get up to go to church this morning.  We ended up coming home after our Genealogy class as we both were exhausted.

Frank has lost 40 lbs as of yesterday.  He looks and acts like a different man.  He can get up and down much easier, his blood sugar is running at a normal number, and best of all his blood pressure has come way down.  He can't wait to see his cardiologist in April to surprise him as Dr. Savon has been trying to get Frank to lose weight for a long time. He used to say to Frank "when are the twins due?"  Frank hated this remark and now Dr. Savron can't say it anymore.  Yea!!!!!!