Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Up Date - Cardiologist Vist

I went to my Cardiologist last Friday and I have never seen a doctor so upset about what another doctor had prescribed for me. Cortisol is what caused all of the symptoms that caused me to go to the hospital. I am Diabetic and my Cardiologist told me that is the worst drug there is for Diabetics. No wonder my blood sugar had came up. My son, Dr. Bret had questioned why I was on that drug and he wondered how the doctor had tested me. Also my Cardiologist said the bad EKG did not show that I had a heart attack. Needless to say, I will not be going back to the doctor who prescribed the Cortisol. I guess the only good thing is that I got all the tests done before seeing the cardiologist instead of having to wait until he set them up. I will have two more tests one being an Ecoho Cardiogram, and the other a sleep study.

Well I am really sick as I ended up with Frank's bug. Sure wish he wouldn't share everything with me. I thought I was going to be lucky and not get it, but wham it hit me like a brick wall Sunday. So I will be out of commission for a few days.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Trip to the ER

Sorry no pictures on this one. I didn't think to take my camera and have my picture taken in the hospital. So here we go. On Thursday morning I had Frank take me to Mountain View Hospital in Las Vegas as the pressure and pain in my chest wasn't going away. I think the bad EKG was on my mind and was causing a great deal of anxiety. I had gone to Bret for a chiropractic treatment and told him my symptoms. He told me "Mom you should go to the ER and get checked out. If you are having heart problems it will just get worse and do damage." So I took that advice in and decided it it wasn't better by the next morning, I would go to the ER.

Luckily for me, Frank was feeling better so on Thursday morning, I told Frank we had better go to the ER and get me checked out as I was still having the symptoms, of chest pressure, pain, shortness of breath and a numbness running up into my left jaw. We got into the car to head into Vegas and Frank said a little prayer for us and especially for me. He got emotional and I knew he was worried as much as I was.

When we arrived at the ER my BP was very high and they of course took me right back for an EKG which at that point showed I wasn't having a heart attack, but it was decided with my symptoms I would be admitted to the hospital for a 24 hour observation, and a bunch of heart tests were to be scheduled. By the time they got me back in the treatment room, my BP was out of sight. It was 204 over 190 something. When you see concern in the nurses taking care of you, then you know it isn't good. I am one of those white coat syndrome people who freak out at the thought of a hospital, doctor, and a BP Cuff as I have had high BP to often with these people, and a BP cuff coming any where close to me. So when I see them worried about it, the ole BP just gets higher and higher.

They gave me meds to take it down, and something that numbed my esophagus as I had told them I have GERD (Acid Reflux) and that was why I hadn't come in sooner because I thought it may be that. The bad EKG was what really made my mind up and what Bret had told me. They also put a Nitro patch on me. Finally, my BP started to come down and I felt light headed and like I was in outer space floating around. I had to stay in the ER until a room opened. We had arrived at the hospital around 11:00 AM that morning and it was 5:30 that evening before they took me up to a room.

From then on they started doing the tests. First the Ultra Sound Carotid test, blood work, and then a stress test was ordered for the next morning. What a night it was for me. My blood sugar went up because of the stress, and it got high enough that they gave me an insulin shot. Then they gave me shots in my stomach to keep my blood thin and I had blood tests done all night long and of course the good ole BP cuff would come rolling into my room.

Then to top it off I had a real weird room mate who talked to herself, moaned and groaned all night long. She would flip her overhead light on, turn on the TV and turn up the volume, and then fall asleep that way. Once when I went to the bathroom I saw her standing by her bed and it appeared that she was talking to her bed. I couldn't make out what she was saying. She gave the nurses a bad time, by refusing medications, breathing treatments, blood work, etc. She would call the food people and order up a storm, and her bed table was always full of food. She ate like a pig, and then would belch really loud, and moan and groan from eating too much I am sure. At first when I heard her voice I thought she was a man, and when I heard her coughing, I thought I had been put in with someone who had a bug. I found out later she had fluid built up around her heart and lungs. So does this tell you what kind of sleep I got that night? When I did finally fall asleep, the nurses would come in to take BP, give me a shot, or blood work. Needless to say, I felt like a zombie.

Friday was my birthday and most of the day was spent in the hospital still having tests. I had to have a stress test and I sure wish I had brought my tennis shoes so I could have done the treadmill instead of the chemical one. When they inject the medicine to make your heart race, you feel like you are having a heart attack, and I have never felt so weird in my life. My heart rate stayed high too long and they had to work with me to get it back down before I could go on with the follow up X-Ray afterwards. Finally for what felt like an eternity, my heart rate came down to an acceptable rate and they took me over for the final X-Ray. As soon as they started to put me in the X-Ray machine I felt nausea coming on fast. I told them that I was getting sick and as they were pulling me out, I vomited my guts out all over me and the floor. Luckily you have to fast for this test so I didn't have much on my stomach. They didn't have time to get me a barf bag. They took me to the bathroom with a clean hospital gown and let me clean up. Then I went back to try it again, and as soon as I laid down, I got sick again. This time they got the barf bag for me on time. It was deiced to send me back to my room and let me eat something, get settled down, and they would come back for me in an hour. I was able to finally get through the test and then it was just a matter of waiting for the results.

My appointed doctor came in and told me that if all was well with the tests, I would be able to go home for my birthday. So for an hour or so of anxiously waiting, the nurse came in with the wonderful news of everything was good with my heart. I about got up and hugged her, I was so happy. I got home around 5:00 PM and was so glad to see home again. I took a hot bath, and my wonderful neighbor had her kids bring me dinner. I crashed in bed and slept the whole night through as I was soooo exhausted. I will still see my cardiologist next Friday and give him my test results along with the bad EKG and see what he has to say about the whole ordeal.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Doctor, Doctor

Frank & I headed to Vegas last Thursday to get hair cuts and colour for me. That was a mistake as Frank was sick and should have been home resting. He shook a friends hand at church without thinking about the friend coughing all during our Sacrament meeting. So we are sure he got the bug from him. Why don't people stay home when they are sick?!!!!

Renee planned on meeting us at Olive Garden so we could enjoy lunch together before our hair appointments. She was an hour late as poor baby Rozlynn wasn't doing too well. She was only drinking an ounce of milk from the bottle and threw it all up, and was screaming at the top of her lungs when Renee talked to the baby sitter on the phone. By the time Renee got to Olive Garden, she was in tears. I told her we could wait and do my hair on another day if she needed to go home. Well, it all turned out okay as the baby settled down and went to sleep. Jason had gone home to give Rozlynn a breathing treatment and they think that is what is causing some of the problems, the breathing treatments. So they stopped the treatments a day early. I sent Frank to Sherry's condo as I could see him getting sicker by the minute and I wanted him to get some rest. Renee cut and coloured my hair and wow! I felt like a new person.

I went home with Renee, and as soon as Renee held the baby and cuddled her, she fell asleep. I got to hold and love her for a while. The last I heard the baby was doing better. Today Jason took care of her while Renee went to work. He is such a good daddy as he has no problem changing diapers, and taking care of her. Renee had to go to work before she was ready as Jason took a big cut in pay, and as she says, he is lucky to still have a job. People are still losing their jobs and it is so frightening.

The reason I titled this post Doctor, Doctor, is I feel like all Frank & I do is go to doctors. My follow up appointment was good all except for the EKG that I had a couple of weeks ago. It showed that I have had a heart attack. So I have an appointment with the same cardiologist that Frank goes to. I knew something wasn't right but was in denial. I was having some real irregular heart beats and I have been feeling more fatigued than usual and have had some shortness of breath and a heaviness and uncomfortable feeling in my chest. I go to Dr. Savron on the 19th and I know he will run me through the mill. I have to admit I was a little shocked, and now frightened about all of this and it is on my mind constantly. Old age is really not fun!!!!! I want to be able to post some really good news, and be able to laugh and do something fun.

Poor Frank is really sick and couldn't wait to get home yesterday. I had to go in and check on him a few times this morning as he slept in later than usual. When we got home from Vegas yesterday, he immediately got in his chair and fell sound asleep and slept the rest of the afternoon. Before we left Sherry's condo I sprayed Lysol on everything Frank had touched, and I washed a throw that he had used to wrap up in. I don't want Sherry getting the bug. I did enjoy loving on Ozzy, Sherry's cat and he slept with me for a while the night before, as Frank slept out on Sherry's couch. I am sleeping in our guest room as I sure don't want to catch the bug. We usually share the bugs and I sure don't want this one.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sad Day at Church

As my husband was reading the newspaper Sunday, he came across this article and from then on we were in shock and tears. I couldn't sleep last night as it was on my mind constantly.

Jace is the son of our wonderful Bishop Larry Davis who was released from this position on January 24th. Bishop Davis has been our home teacher for several years, and Frank was his for a couple of years. So we knew the family really well. I have known Larry since he was a young boy. Donna, Larry's wife and mother to Jace, is a very special person to me and gave me words of comfort before my surgery a year ago. Jace was a very good friend of my Grandson Merritt, and I know Merritt will miss him.

Needless to say, at church Sunday every ones thoughts and prayers were for this family There were boxes of tissue for the tears that were shed, and there wasn't a dry eye through out the three hour meeting schedule. Ironically, Jace's Grandfather was the scheduled speaker for our Sacrament meeting, and he went ahead and talked. It was mostly about Jace's death and words of comfort for not only us, but for his family. He is a marvelous man and we love him and his wife. Frank is their Home Teacher.

I have to add one thing more to this post, and that is how it is such a small world. My niece, Megann e-mailed me and wondered if I knew Jace as I am sure she had heard news of his death through the news and saw he was from Logandale, NV. She told me that her best friend's Father is mission president of the Romania Bucharest Mission area. She also told me how hard her friends Mother was taking the death of the two missionaries. I know that the Mission President and their wives are like the Mother and Father of all the missionaries they are over and become very attached to them. Something like this affects so many people's lives.

This poor family has gone through so much this past couple of months as their daughter Sarah was put in the hospital several weeks before Christmas diagnosed with ulcerated colitis and ended up with some kind of a bad infection they think through her pick line. She almost died and was in the hospital right up until Christmas. The ward fasted and prayed for her and was grieving with the family through this ordeal. Another daughter who was getting ready to go on a mission during the time of Sarah's illness became ill herself, and so far as been unable to go on her mission. My heart just aches for these special people and I pray that the Lord's spirit of comfort will be with them and their hearts will heal.