Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Home At Last

The trip home from Oregon seemed so much longer than when we started our journey.  We were so anxious to get home and sleep in our comfy bed and wanted to see our family and friends.  Sherry, Renee, and Rozlynn came out and spent the night with me.  Rozlynn had really changed, she carries on a conversation and I could understand her.  She is finally potty trained.  

Bret and his family came over to visit and it was great to get to see everyone, except Sierra who was at that time still in Idaho.  She has since come home and I heard is working at Tiffany's Sub & Pie shop in Logandale.  Congratulations Sierra, I am proud of you..

Frank has been working his hind end off.  Getting the yard cleaned up, getting a dead tree pulled out with the help of Bret, and Merritt.  He has been working on getting the shutters painted, and is now working on painting my two outside wooden rockers, and lawn swing.  He took a window out today that needs to be replaced and hopefully we will get a new one ordered in St. George tomorrow. It has been so dang hot and we tell each other how much we miss Lincoln City, and the wonderful cool weather, but just not the house we stayed in.

I have been feeling real lousy, and I guess I will have to go see my doctor to see if we can figure out what is going on with me. I have to force myself to do everything I do. I had to go see my gynecologist Monday as he had tried to call me about my Evan Mist, a hormone spray.  It turns out that the insurance doesn't want to pay for it any more as I am too old to be on it.  The problem is that I have been on hormone replacement for so long, I just can't go cold turkey.  So my doctor is going to work with the insurance company with this theory. I have been gradually going from three sprays to one, so hopefully I can ween myself off from it.  We no longer can work with our doctors as to what treatments and medicines we can have.  The insurance companies rule.  My doctor gave me a sample and said he would call in the prescription.  We will see what happens.  

Below are some pictures of Grandma Sherry and Roz singing Itsy Betsy Spider.  I was singing with them.  Rozlynn has on the hat I bought for her on the Oregon Coast.  She is so dang cute and smart too.  Well this brings me up to date.

Saying Good By to Oregon

We decided to go to the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport before we headed home. Several years ago we stayed in a RV park across the street from the Aquarium and had visited it then.  It is a really nice place to visit.  All kinds of fish, and out door things to see and do.  Below are some of the pictures Frank took.

We decided to leave a few days early and went for one last walk and stopped by our favorite statue.  If you look up the road you can see where people park to visit the over look of the ocean.
Here are some pictures we took of the ocean on that last walk.  Double click on the pictures and see how beautiful they are.

We stopped by our neighbor's home and watched the Raccoons one more time.  The babies grew up in the two months we were there in Oregon.  They were fun to watch.
This is the living area of the little home we stayed in.  If you look close you can see that there are blankets under the cushions of the couch.  It was so uncomfortable to sit on and this made it bearable.  The beds were very uncomfortable too, and we ended spending close to $90 on foam toppers to make them more comfortable.  We decided to leave a few days early as after two months we decided we wanted to leave this uncomfortable place and we were homesick for family, friends, and our comfy home.  I am glad that we did get to rent this place as it was a lucky break as most home owners of the vacation rentals will not rent on long term bases because they can make a lot more money renting out on a daily rate.  We had a wonderful time, and still miss our walks, the ocean, the beautiful scenery, and wonderful cool ocean breeze.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More Vacation Pictures

I have been a blog slacker ever since we got home from OR.  I have been feeling lousy and just haven't had the energy to sit down and blog.  Since it took so long to post photos on my blog from my lap top with a real slow Internet connection, I decided to wait until I got home.

We were going to go to the beach and have a marshmallows roast.  It was way too cold and windy  so we roasted  marshmallow's over the burner on the stove and had our Smores at home  Sherry and Lorri eating them

Sherry and I making Smores

We were fascinated with this tree and found out it is called a Monkey Puzzle Tree.  It has branches that  are very sharp and can cause body damage

Lorri, Sherry, & Me getting ready to head to Portland Airport

We passed this statue every day on our walk to the look out over the ocean and then headed out for our walk.  He points the way to a hotel.  

Winema Church Camp area
We decided to go to a local beach where you can find Sand Dollars.  It is located by a church camp called Camp Winema.  When we got there I had to pee so bad and we couldn't see any public restrooms.  I asked a lady if she knew if there were any in the area.  She invited me back to what they called their cabin, above picture.  She was so nice and friendly, and she and her husband gave us a tour of the home. The whole area is connected to a church that owns Camp Winema.  We hugged each other and I told her she had saved me and that I would do the same for someone in the same situation I was in.
This is a view from the house above, overlooking the camp area.  There is a fresh lake and then the ocean. It was a beautiful site.  We were able to walk the beach known to the locals as Sand Dollar Beach.  We found a few broken sand dollars, and was going to go back and hunt for some more, but we didn't get to return to this beautiful place.  This is a beach that is only known by the locals.