Sunday, April 7, 2013

Good News

My friend Paula had a doctor's appointment last Wednesday to find out her course of treatment for breast cancer.  I was so elated to hear that the test showed they had removed all the cancer cells in her last surgery, and that she would not need chemo therapy. They will be scheduling her for follow up radiation treatments.

I was doing the happy dance along with Paula and both us agreed that we would have to have a celebration day of fun along with Peggy our other close friend.

Paula and I go way back raising our families together.  We shared many ups and downs in our lives and helped each other go through them.  I have always told Paula that she was more like a sister to me and she feels the same way about me. All I can say is that Prayers are answered.

I had some more good news the other day.  My niece Megann is pregnant with her first baby.  She has struggled with health problems that made it hard for her to get pregnant.  So once again the happy dance for Megann.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Rozlynn's Pony Ride.....Charmer

Getting ready to go.  Rozlynn helps get Charmer out, brushes her and helps get her ready to go

Smile for the camera

Here we go

Side view of Charmer

Sherry has been taking Rozlynn for a pony ride the past several Mondays.  I decided to go with them and that was a big mistake, as I had the wrong shoes on and ended up with my back hurting.  Thanks Heavens for Bret!!!! even though I got scolded for not wearing the right shoes.  

We went the usual route that Sherry takes in the Overton Wash and it was a beautiful day as the sun was hidden behind a cloud.  There was a cool breeze and it even sprinkled a tiny bit. I was wishing I had taken my camera as there were some beautiful desert flowers. On the way back, we ended up visiting with one of Sherry's long time friends Tonnianne, who was down from Provo area visiting her Dad.  

If you look at the above picture you can see a cool shed with the sunflowers on it.  The owners of Charmer have a really fun place to visit.  They have grand kids, and most of the things they have built are for them to enjoy.  It is kind of an adventure to go and see all the ongoing building.  Every time I go to their place, there is something new and different.  

Easter Sunday with the Family

Rozlynn having fun with Easter surprises from Grandma Sherry can I say spoiled!!!

Grandpa trying on Rozlynns new Easter hat

Rozlynn with her new Easter hat

Beautiful granddaughter Sierra

Mommy taking a self picture

Resting after eating a big dinner

Bret hiding eggs Sierra supervising

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday with the family.  The only disappointing thing was I cooked my turkey breast in my Ninja cooker, and it turned out tough and not moist.  Lesson learned, I will cook turkey breast in my regular crock pot next time.  Bret & Laura brought some fantastic barbecue pork ribs. Mashed potatoes & plenty of gravy to go over the turkey, dressing, all kinds of veggies, etc.  Then later on, hot fudge sundaes.  We were all stuffed.

Then we went out on the patio after dinner to watch Rozlynn hunt for the pretty Easter eggs that she and her mommy made the day before.  We watched Rozlynn draw on the patio with chalk, and Laura helped.  Cute sidewalk art.  The weather was perfect with a cool breeze as we sat around visiting and playing with Roz.