Sunday, August 2, 2009

Drug Withdrawals - Poor Frank

Frank has been doing really well as the pain has finally subsided, and he was walking a little further each day. He was cutting way back on his medications, and then all Hell broke lose. He has been on strong pain killers since last Oct. when the knee problem started. You know the kind that the perscription has to be a hand written one from the doctor. I was worried about him being on them so long.

Starting yesterday afternoon, Frank started to alternate between chills and then hot flashes with drenching sweats. Then the stomach started to roll and rumble. Then the back door trots as I call it started. We were awake off and on all night long and finally Frank went into our guest bedroom as he thought he was disturbing me. He was drenched when I checked on him this morning. He got up and showered and I was hoping that would make him feel better.

He ate a small bowl of Cream of Wheat, and later on tried to drink his hot coffee substitute and that didn't stay down long at all. I decided it was time to call Bret and have him come over with our next door neighbor Kyle and give him a blessing. When all else fails It is time to depend on the Lord for help. I worry about dehydration and I am trying to give him sips of water, which comes right back up. So later on I will try ice chips. I keep telling myself and Frank that this too will pass. Boy! will I be glad when we can look back at this as another one of those bad life experiences.

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  1. Sorry Frank! I have never experienced it (unless trying to not eat sugar counts!) but I have seen it. We will pray for you!


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