Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day with Renee at the Beauty Shop

Good Job Renee
Renee getting the job done

Frank's Turn

Grandma with two months of growth

Needing some help!

Renee showing off her beauty skills
Sherry looking good.

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Washing out the color
Sherry & Renee

Monday the 24th the day before Bret's surgery, Frank and I headed for Las Vegas to get badly needed hair cuts. It was Renee's day off but she did a family day for Sherry, Frank, and I. Sherry picked up Renee and we met them at the beauty shop. Once again I was surprised at how big Renee is getting, or should I say Rozlynn. She had her support girdle on and it makes her tummy look bigger. Rozlynn doesn't like the girdle and Renee says she kicks at it.

It was nice that Sherry had driven Renee there so Frank could leave after his hair cut and go to her condo for the rest of the day. It takes quite a lot of time for two people to get hair cuts and color. We finished up and Sherry drove us back to Renee's house and we got to see Rozylnn's bedroom that Jason and Renee have been working so hard on. Sorry I forgot to take pictures, but it was really nice. They had wanes coated with two different colors, with a nice wood trim in the middle. The colors were kind of a burgundy on the bottom and a pinkish color on the top. they have baby furniture that they are still putting together.

We ended up having dinner later on at the Bellagio, thanks to a friend of Sherry's who comped us as there is no way we could afford to eat there. It was yummy, but way too late to be eating dinner, so consequently Frank payed for it with heart burn, even though he was careful to stay on his strick diet. We had a horrible night as Frank was having heart burn and was hurting as he had to go up a flight of steps to Sherry's condo. We wanted to get up early the next morning so we could see Bret before surgery. That didn't happen after a sleepless night.

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