Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bret's Surgery - Frank Dr.'s appointment

Today Bret had the two tests the doctor wanted him to have before scheduling surgery and everything was good. His ulcers had healed up, and he had one polyp which I am sure they removed; so his surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, August 25th. I know we will all be glad when it is over and Bret is recovering and not anticipating surgery. He has always been my healthy son and I know that will help him get through the surgery.

I took Frank to our local doctor yesterday, and he put Frank on some more pain meds and a anti nausea pill. As soon as I got the meds, Frank took them and almost instantly fell asleep and slept for several hours yesterday. It was badly needed sleep and this morning he feels much better and went for his walk around our subdivision. The doctor will work with him to help with the drug withdrawals. Much better than Frank trying to do it himself. So for now things are looking much better, and as soon as Bret's surgery is over we all will be relieved. DARE I BREATH A SIGH OF RELIEF NOW?

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