Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wedding Anniversary

Today is our 32nd Wedding Anniversary. It is so hard to believe that 32 years have flown by. I am devoting this post to Frank my wonderful husband. Our song is "You Light up my Life." and that is exactly what you did when you came into my life after much misery----losing a husband in death, and being in an unhappy marriage. We have done so much in our lives, a lot of work in keeping up rentals, and making our Elk Meadows Condo a beautiful place, and now our retirement home shows all those talents you posses. You have worn out your poor old body doing all this work, not only for us but for others too. A lot of dreams came true. You have always worked with your hands to make where ever we have lived a beautiful and peaceful place. I am so grateful for a husband who is so much like me as we are so compatible in our likes and dislikes. I love the fact that you tell me a hundred times a day that you love me and show me that you do in so many ways. We have had a lot of fun traveling, seeing new places, eating out, and just enjoying each other's company while watching TV. Thanks Frank for always being there for me. I love you forever and forever.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Trip to Las Vegas - Hair Cuts

We had quite a long day in Vegas Wednesday as we started out on a shopping spree.  First to Home Depot for a new toilet seat, and some sprinkeling system stuff and then to Star Nursery for a new sprinkler timer. We had to call Renee and make our hair appointmets for a little later which was fine with her as we were her last appointments.

She is now managing a beauty shop that is closer to her home and makes it a lot easier to get there.  It is quite stressful on her leaving the baby and trying to staff an almost empty salon with new people.  She is on a salary and works five days a week.  She does hair in between her manager's chores. Luckilly her step mom drives into Vegas from Overton to baby sit.  So the baby is in good hands.  I talked to Renee this morning and she said that Jason had a tough time with Rozlynn yesterday when he got home from work and took over the baby care.  Rozlynn cried for a couple of hours straight. He called Renee and told her "You have to get home now!"  Renee thinks the baby is missing her and I think she is right.  So today Jenie will bring the baby to Renee's work and hopefully Renee will be able to breast feed her and have some mommy time with her.  Renee wants to end up working part time again so she can be with Rozlynn more and I sure hope it works out.  We didn't get to see Rozlynn.  Hopefully when things settle down for Renee we can go in for a Visit at her home and see the baby.

We ended our day at Sams Club doing our usual shopping there and then had dinner and came home.  I was exhausted and couldn't wait to go to bed.  I remember when we used to do marathon shopping in Vegas from morning to night.  Wow! I couldn't do that any more. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

We celebrated Bret's birthday last Saturday the 13 at Lost Lupies our favorite Mexican food place.  Bret was treated with a free order of fried ice cream and it was finger licking good. Sierra grabbed a piece of it and helped a stuffed full Dad eat it.  Bret's birthday was on the 14th.

I can't believe that he is 47.  It sure is making me feel ancient.  When my daughter Sherry related to Renee (her daughter) how old she and her two brothers are my granddaughter replied "Was Grandma nuts!  Come May 29th my kids will be 46, 47, and 48 until Sherry turns 49 in August.

I have to admit I had my hands full, but was grateful for a husband that helped me with house hold chores and by getting up with the older ones at night when I had to get up with the baby.  Wait a minute they were all babies.  :)  Glad those years are over. 

Spring has arrived.  This is a picture of a Dasiy Bush out by our Gazebo.  It has been blooming for quite a while even when it was colder.

Today was really nice as it got up to 80 degrees and it sure did feel like a beautiful spring day.

I didn't get to go out and enjoy the weather as I had my nails done, and then my special adopted granddaughter came to my home and gave me a massage. Thanks Jamie. :) It sure helps the aches and pains.  I have been sitting at my computer too much and it makes my back hurt as my mouse is up too high for me.  I have to figure out a way of expanding my keyboard holder so that I can put the mouse down on it. 

Oh! and my wonderful Chiropractor Dr. Bret fixed my knee and I was able to take the knee support off and now I need to try to get back on my treadmill, or dreadmill as I call it.  I had Ozzie with me again for the past two days.  Sherry shares him with me on her days off.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ozzie's Visit

Last week I stopped by Sherry's and brought Ozzie home with me so I could play with him.  I thought he would lift my spirits, and he did.  I love playing with him and having him sit on my lap and purr while I pet him.  He is really growing and filling out. 

I told Sherry I needed his healing powers as they are known as a healing cat.  He is a lot more acitve now and when I was cooking dinner, he could smell the meat and ended up on the counter. He moves so darn fast, you can't keep up with him.  I had to scold him a few times and he finally went over and jumped into my chair and crawled into his blanket and fell asleep.
He loves his baby blanket and when he is ready to sleep, he crawls inside of it using his nose to get under it.  Sherry has a cat bed for him and several baby blankets to put inside of the bed.  When she is traveling back and forth to Vegas she wraps him up in his blanket and he knows he has to stay there or go into his traveling cage, which he doens't like and lets it be known by loud meows.

On another note, Frank called his doctor office again only to find out that April 21 is the first available appointment.  It would have been nice if the office girl would have told us to schedule a six week follow up appointment as soon as he got the bone growth stimulator. 

We both are staying home from church again today as neither of us is feeling that well.  I think I am feeling the effects of blood pressure medicine and  I still am coughing from the bug that won't go away. So I have a double whammy.  I am supposed to take the blood pressure pill twice a day, and I am just taking it once a day.  I am thinking that if I take it twice a day I will be a zombie. This old age stuff sucks!  I had my echo cardiogram yesterday and will have a follow up visit with the cardiolgist.  So I will have to make myself some notes of things I want to talk to him about,.........the blood pressure pills, etc.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Feeling Picked On

Wow! what a lousy couple of weeks this has been. This darn flu bug has just dragged on and on. Then to make matters worse my knee started being very painful. I just got up from the couch and about fell to the floor with the pain. It came on that fast. I have had to start wearing a knee brace. Frank keeps telling me that he knows a good knee doctor---meaning surgery. No way!!!! I told him. I have been going to my son Dr. Bret, the Chiropractor and he has worked on it three times now and it is so much better. He has saved me from surgery a few times. First my thumbs that have no cartilage left and is rubbing bone on bone. It hurt so bad at times, I would cry. I went to a hand surgeon a long time ago, and was thinking about surgery, but was afraid of it as it had a terribly long recovery time. I am a busy bee, cleaning house, etc and that didn't sound like something I would like to do--having my hand out of order. So once again Dr. Bret worked on my thumbs and it hurt like &^%@ but it worked. Wow! what a blessing Bret has been to me and my health.

Poor Frank feels like he is coming down with the flu all over again. I told him he needs to see our local doctor and maybe he needs to be on an antibodic. Ordinally I wouldn't want to do that, but he has been sick way too long now, over a month. Neither one of us feels like doing any thing but the necesary things of life. Tonight I feel like a freight train has hit me again. So I am feeling a little picked on.

After being on the bone growth stimulator six weeks for his back, Frank called his doctor for a follow up appointment as he had his CT Scan last Wednesday. The girl who made the appointment made it for April 21st. By the questions she was asking him, I am thinking she thinks he is a new patient even though he told her he had seen Dr. Duke before. So now he will call her back in the moring to make sure that she knows about the whole situation with his back-----basically a back surgery gone bad as it wasn't healing and mending together like it is supposed to---thus the bone growth stimulator. Frustration! Fraustration! Hope we don't have to wait two months to find out the results of the CT Scan.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Robyn and Eric's Wedding Day

The Happy Bride and Groom Robyn and Eric

Grandpa Sandy walked Robyn down the aisle


Renee & Jason with Rozlynn

Shiloh, Robyn's brother with Mom Lori

Shiloh with Grandma & Granpa Merritt

The beautiful bride getting ready in the brides room

Shiloh with sister in law Tara

We were so lucky to attend Robyn (Granddaughter) and Eric's wedding on February 20. It was held at the Mandalay Bay Resort in one of their beautiful wedding chappels. I love weddings as you get to see family and friends that you don't get to see very often. The bride was beautiful and the groom handsome. The words that were spoken before the marriage were really nice and Robyn was so happy that tears of happiness fell on her cheek.

After the wedding ceremony we were invited to a beautiufl penthouse with over 2000 square feet of room. It was on the 62nd floor and what a view out of the window over looking Vegas. It was a long wait as the room was being cleaned and had to be set up for the celebration. There were all kinds of goodies to eat along with the wedding cake after Eric and Robyn cut it. As usual baby Rozlynn was the center of attention and even the bride had to have her turn to hold her.

I think I was coming down with the dreadful bug as my throat was kind of scratchy. I thought it was just allergies, but the next day it hit me like a freight train. So that is why this blog is so late I am two weeks behind.

Precious - Rozlynn

These pictures were taken at Robyn and Eric's wedding on February 20. She was all dressed up for the occassion and was getting as much attention as the bride. Every time I see her she has grown. She smiles a lot and makes sweet cooing sounds along with bubbles. She has such a sweet dispostion. Renee just has to keep her little tummy full and she is a happy camper.