Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bret Bad News - Stroke Like Symptoms a Blessing

I took some rice pudding over to Bret. I can't help still being a Mommy and thinking that one of his favorites, rice pudding might cheer him up.
Bret, Laura, and Merritt came over to our house last night with some very bad news. I was in the computer room doing genealogy and I heard their voices as they came in the door. It was kind of late and an uneasy feeling came over me as I knew he had a CT Scan that morning. This was a follow up from the scare of the stroke like symptoms. I had been wondering about it all day hoping all would be well with it. I was going to call Bret earlier and then I thought to myself that he may not be able to get the results until Monday.
Bret was able to get CD copies of the X-Ray and took them to his doctor here in the Valley, where he received some bad news. He has a growth in his right kidney and by the way it showed up on the X-Ray (it glowed) it looks cancerous. I can't give the technical terms that is on the results, but all I know is it is bad and Bret will be seeing a Urologist in Vegas on Monday. He thinks they will remove the kidney and by the way the X-Ray and blood work looked it is contained to just the Kidney.
I had to fight the tears back because I knew if I started to give in to them, I would be hysterical and I didn't want to upset Bret any more than he was. He didn't really want to break the news to me but knew that he had to as he had a good friend of his and another neighbor give him a blessing. Word gets around fast in a small town like ours.
I feel like a dark cloud came over our family last October with Frank's knee surgery, then my surgery in January, and Verelen's (Bret's Mother in law) had surgery the same time I did. Then Frank had to have a complete knee replacement, that led to his recent back surgery and at the same time Dean Bret's father in law was having heart surgery, a scare with Renee going to the hospital with a pain in her lower stomach, to this. Just when I think things are getting better, something happens. I can't help but wonder "When Will It End"! Things could be worse is what I keep telling myself. So the stroke like symptoms led to finding a growth that usually does not show any kind of symptom until it is too late. So I am grateful that the stoke symptoms caused the follow up CT-Scan. Someone up there is watching over us, and for that I am grateful.

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