Thursday, August 20, 2009

What a Miracle and Bret's Surgery

Frank getting ready for his walk. I can't believe that we just had him in the hospital Monday through Tuesday afternoon. With the fluids and the antibiotics that were put into his system, he was like a new person. It was like the difference between night and day. We feel so blessed that he was able to come home Tuesday afternoon a new man.
He was diagnosed with Diverticulitis and sent home with a strict diet and prescriptions for two weeks worth of antibiotics. Today Frank drove us to the car wash and helped me wash his dirty truck, being careful not to bend. Then we went to Overton to have some lunch at Sugars and when I went to get in the car he was in the drivers seat. It was weird to me not to hop in the drivers seat as I have been doing all the driving for two months, but it was so nice to see Frank behind the wheel again.
Bret went in to Vegas for his pre-op appointment yesterday and it took all afternoon to get the paper work, blood work, etc. done. They told him he would be in the hospital three to four days, and then Dr. Scott (first name) told Bret that one of his staff members would have to release him as he was leaving town September 1st. So that kind of made Bret think that maybe he would be in the hospital more than the three to four days as he is being operated on Tuesday the 25th. He is hoping that Dr. Scott will be the one to release him.
Then he found out that Dr. Scott wants to open him up so he can see better what he is operating on. They had talked about doing the surgery endoscopically. So now with having to open Bret and a rib taken out, it means a longer recovery time. Dr. Scott told Bret he will hate him for a few days, the exact same words Frank was told about his back surgery. Unless it is necessary, Dr. Scott will not take the whole kidney out just the section with the tumor. There is a medical term for the surgery, but I can't remember what it is called.
It will take a six week recovery time and after the six week recovery; Dr. Scott told Bret, he would see about letting him go back to work. Bret being a chiropractor requires a lot of physical movement working with his patients. This is worrisome to Bret to be out of work so long. If he isn't working, he isn't getting paid, and in October his business picks up as the Snow Birds are back in town by then.
If the tumor is cancerous, Dr. Scott told Bret they would be best buddies as Bret will have to be checked out often. So now we are just waiting for Bret to have the surgery and be on the recovery part of it. We will be going in to Vegas to be with Bret when he has the surgery, so we will know the outcome. We will be praying our hearts out that all will go well and that Bret will have a speedy recovery. Our family has been through enough this past year and we will all be happy to have things back to a normal pace.

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