Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Horror Story at the ER

Last Monday the 17th, I took Frank to Dr. Gorman and he ended up sending us to the ER in Mesquite. We arrived in Mesquite around 1:00 PM. Frank was so dehydrated that they had to give him a whole bottle of Fluids in an IV before he could give them a urine sample. Then they did blood work, and as usual we waited and waited to hear what they were going to do and what the test results were. Then an X-Ray Tech came into Frank's room to take him for an Ultra Sound on his belly. That took about 45 minutes, and then they brought him back to his ER room. Finally after waiting for quite some time, the ER Doctor came in and told us the Ultra Sound showed a mass in Frank's stomach and gave us some options of admitting him to the hospital and then transporting him to either St. George or Las Vegas in case they would have to do surgery on him. Now when you hear "mass in the stomach" what is your first thought the big "C" word. So tears started to flow the minute I heard the mass thing.

The doctor said they would have to do a Cat Scan with dye, etc. So Frank had to drink something that looked like sudsy diluted lemonade. He had to do it in intervals and it took a little over an hour. I was so afraid he would throw it up, but to my amazement he kept it down. During this time the old brains, his and mine, were working overtime thinking the worst. Tears kept coming down my face, but I did my best to control them as I didn't want to lose it in front of Frank.

Then finally the Cat Scan Tech came and got Frank, and I called Sherry and told her what was going on. We both were in shock mode and Sherry went into solve problem mode of Mom shouldn't be alone and if we have to make decisions on where to take Frank to St. George, or Vegas, and who would be a good surgeon, etc.; she had better have the family there. Of course she didn't tell me that, until later. My neighbor Wendy called as she knew Frank had to be taken to the ER. When I told her what was going on she cried with me and said "I am coming over to be with you as at that time I was there alone.

Before I knew it, my grandson Merritt and his girlfriend Mirassa came, and then Wendy came right after them. I held it together until then and I told Wendy I had to go out in the hallway which I did and fell into her arms and sobbed and released some of the pent up tears. Then Bret, Laura, Sierra, and Sherry all came in the door, and Bret came over, put his arms around me and we both sobbed together. The memory of Larry's death was all to close and I just didn't think I could handle losing another husband.

I felt so bad as Bret is going through his own trial of a Kidney tumor and upcoming surgery and he certainly didn't need this. Life was not good during this time, and I thought "I guess it is my turn again for the trials of death." Doom and gloom had been on my mind for several hours.

The Bishop and his wife came to support us and for him and Bret to give Frank a blessing. I sent Bret and Sherry back in to be with Frank as I knew by then we should be hearing something about the Cat Scan. I didn't want Frank to see me so out of control with my emotions and wanted to get them back under control before I went back into his room.

I was talking to the Bishop when Bret came out and said the most wonderful words of the night, "Mom the Ultra Sound gave a false reading, the Cat Scan showed there was nothing there." I went into the room and the doctor was there and I asked him if I could give him a hug for the good news. He said "I never have had a hug before for good news," and he gave me a hug. I feel a miracle happened that night and was happy to take it. We had Frank's life back. The Bishop and Bret gave Frank a blessing, and then gave me one.

The doctor admitted Frank to the hospital and made arrangements for a room as he said Frank had an infection going on in his intestines and needed to be on IV antibiotics, and still receive more fluids. So Sherry and I waited to go up with Frank to his room to see where it was and Sherry wanted to see what they were going to be giving Frank. After Frank was all hooked up with the bag of antibiotic, and he was settled down, we left and went to the Casa Blanca to have a lite dinner as it was so late and nothing else was open. We got home around 11:15 PM and Sierra spent the night with me so I wouldn't be alone. I thanked my Heavenly Father all night long for spearing Frank's life and finally getting on the right track to getting him better.

I was missing one son that night. This son has chosen to not have anything to do with our family even in times of need. It makes me feel so sad as I have lost a whole family in my life to choices they have made. All I can say at this point is that "Life Sucks Sometimes!"

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