Thursday, August 6, 2009

Something Positive

Frank is finally up and has been eating solid food. I bought some G-two Gatorade and he has been drinking that, and also he is eating a small banana for Potassium. Hopefully his electrolytes will be balanced and make him feel better. He felt good enough to go for a walk today, so that is good as that is his physical therapy for his back and Knee. He felt good enough to play his favorite computer game, Poker. He is now laying down as he went to Dr. Bret's with me to have his neck worked on, and that wore him out. I sure will be glad when we can look back on this and say, "Phewwww glad that is behind us." THANKS MEG FOR THE GOOD ADVICE.

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  1. No problem! I am glad he is feeling better!


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