Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Eve at Grandmas

On Christmas Eve I made a taco dinner for my family.  Sherry, Renee, Rozlynn, Bret, Laura, and Sierra came for the fun.  Sherry and Renee came early and helped me with the finishing touches, guacamole, and salsa.  It was funny as Sherry was making the Salsa everyone was tasting it and saying it needs more of this or that.  Finally it was perfected.  Then the same tasters were there to test the guacamole.  It was delicious.  I had made a pot of home made re fires,taco soup, and of course taco filling.  When it was all ready we were hungry and decided to call Bret's family and have them come over instead of waiting until 6 PM.  So we were able to eat a little early. 
I know the following pictures are mostly of Rozlynn.  I couldn't help myself as she is so dang cute, and like I said Isn't that what Christmas is all about the "Little Ones."

First Rozlynn explored Santa Land with Grandma Sherry

Rozlynn with Momma in her Red Coat that we bought her for her Birthday

Showing off her new Christmas dress

Grandma Sherry couldn't resist buying this for Rozlynn

Rozlynn ripping it up

Uncle Bret watching Rozlynn ripping it up

Open it Papa

Frank got a Logetic camera to Skype with his brother
 Then we all gathered together in the family room, and I passed out the song books, and as usual I couldn't get my disk to play.  Finally we got it going and the singing began.  We sang all the songs in the book.  Then I brought all the small presents to the coffee table and let everyone take a turn to chose a gift.  Sherry was so excited to get the DVD The Help, that no one would take it away from her.  Then we exchanged gifts and Rozlynn had a bunch to open.  Grandma Sherry spoiled  Rozlynn with all the gifts she had bought her.  I gave out my candy kisses in a little red sock, and everyone got a brand new fifty dollar bill in the bottom.  It was so much fun to watch Rozlynn open her gifts.  Little ones make Christmas fun.

Another fun Christmas is over and here it is New Years Eve.  HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!!!! And To all I pray for a prosperous, new year filled with love and Joy!!!!!

Happy New Year

Frank & I celebrated New Years yesterday by going to the move War Horse, and to dinner at the Casa Blanca seafood buffet.  Wow! the movie was really good, one of the best ones I have seen this year.  It was a two and a half hour movie, and it went by really fast.

We went to Vegas Thursday to see the Bellagio Christmas display in the Conservatory.  It was beautiful, but packed full of people.  I thought that maybe it wouldn't be so bad after Christmas, boy was I wrong.  People must have been coming in for New Years early.

We were going to spend the night with my daughter Sherry, but decided to go back home.  When we were coming down the hill into Vegas we could see a dark cloud of smog hanging over the Vegas valley.  I have been fighting a sinus headache and wasn't feeling that great, so we decided the best thing was to get out of the smog, and head for home and go to the Movie in Mesquite the next day.  We found Sherry working at her station and visited with her a few minutes and left.

There were Polar Bears, Penguins, a huge Christmas tree, and most everything was made out of flowers.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Annual Christmas Dinner with Chip and Robin

Chip & Robin

Frank, Robin, & Chip

Me, Frank, Robin, & Chip
A couple of weeks ago, we went in to Vegas to have our annual Christmas dinner with Chip and Robin.  We let them decide where they wanted to eat and they chose to go to Famous Dave's Barbecue.  The food was really good and we were all stuffed.  Then it was picture time and we tried to pick out a spot that would be good.  It turned out to be a bad place for picture taking as a sign was glaring and made Frank's white hair blend right in with the sign. Of course I think I look fat in the picture. Wish I would have checked the pictures better so we could have taken more. That's what happens when you can't see without glasses.  Next time I will take quite a few shots so that there may be at least one or two good ones.  Oh well, we had a nice visit and it is something we should do more often.

Early Christmas Present

New Counter Height Dinette Set
 The nice thing about the dining room set was that RC Willy's delivered it and also put it together and took the packing material away.  Too bad it couldn't have been the bedroom set that we had to put together ourselves. Ashley's doesn't deliver to our area.
New King Bed

Chest with Mirror

High Chest of Drawers
When we were in Vegas for Rozlynn's birthday we decided to spend the night with Sherry so we could shop the next day.  Frank went to RC Willy's to pick up a part for Sherry's recliner.  While he was there he saw a beautiful bedroom set, and he decided to bring me back to see it.  That started a shopping spree not only for us, but for Sherry too as she wanted to look at dining room sets. 

The one Frank saw at RC Willy's was beautiful, but it would have cost us $5,000 for all the pieces we wanted.  There is no way we would pay that much for it.  Sherry found a dining room set that she liked, but it had a glass top, and she wanted wood.  So we headed to Ashley's to look there as that is where Sherry had bought the furniture she was trying to match. 

It didn't take long for Sherry to find what she was looking for and we found the bedroom set above.  The lady that was helping us gave us the inside details that if we came back on black Friday we would get an additional 22% off from the price of what we wanted.  So she went ahead and wrote it up, and told us to find her on Friday. 

The only bad thing was that Ashely's doesn't deliver to Logandale.  So we had to go in and pick it up.  The big job was putting it all together.  We had cardboard, Styrofoam, and packing material all over our backyard.  It was quite a chore to put it together especially for Frank.  First we had to tear down our old bedroom set, and clear out the bedroom.  Then the next day we hauled the old set up to our Granddaughter's home as we gave it to her.  We are loving our new bedroom set.  I have been wanting a new set ever since we moved into our new home.  A dream came true.  Thanks Frank for making it happen.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Michael Jackson Tour

 Last Saturday, my daughter Sherry took Frank and I to Michael JacksonThe Immortal World Tour By Cirque Du Soleil at the Mandalay Bay Events Center.  This was her Christmas present to us and Renee.  We had dinner before the show and then headed to Mandalay Bay.  We had to drive around and around for what seemed like a long time before we could get a parking spot. Finally we followed some people who were leaving and got their parking spot.  The show was sold out and I haven't seen that many people in one spot in my life.

The show was really good, but loud.  I had to cover my ears more than once as it was hurting them.  I told everyone that next time I go to something like this, I will take my ear plugs.  I really don't know why they have the sound so loud?  I could feel the beat of the drums in my chest and felt like my heart was about to burst.  Maybe this is a rush for the younger people.  I will say that we did enjoy it, and there were a few times I had tears come to my eyes.  They had a big screen and showed pictures of Michael from the time he was young to his older years. 

When it was over we waited for people to clear out of the Event Center and then we headed out.  I couldn't believe how crowded it was. It was like being on the freeway during the five a clock rush.  It took quite some time to get back out to the parking lot.  We went to the 7:00 PM show and there was another show at 10PM so people were already coming in for that.  It was a relief to get outside and get some fresh air.  We spent the night with Sherry so we didn't have to make the late night drive home.

I think this brings me up to date.  So now it will be a Christmas posting.  I am having a family Christmas Eve gathering at my home and I am going to make a Taco dinner.  MERRY CHRISTMAS

New Outside Christmas Decorations

Santa had to make a potty stop

Door opens and Santa peeks out

A distant view of the outhouse
Last month Frank and I went shopping in Vegas for some new outside Christmas decorations.  We had seen the outhouse at Lowe's and went back to buy it.  We also bought a musical tree that flashes with the music box underneath it.  Frank started the first part of November putting the decorations up.  He would work for a while and then come in the house and rest.  Our corner in our subdivision is all lite up as our neighbors put a lot of decorations up too.  Everyone thinks we are in a competition.  I don't make goodies for the neighbors any more, so this is our gift to the neighborhood.  The kids love to come by and beg their parents to drive by our corner.


Rozlynn getting ready to blow out the candle

Rozlynn's Birthday Cake
On November 18th, Rozlynn turned two years old.  I can't believe that much time has gone by.  She is growing up so fast.  She has the cutest personality and is so much fun to play with.  She loves to sing Itsy Betsy Spider, Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree, and she is learning her ABC'S  She had so many presents, she didn't know which one to play with.  Her favorite turned out to be a play house. 

Way Behind

I really have been a blog slacker.  It seems like we have been on the dead go this past month.  I am going to post some pictures and make comments on them and hopefully catch up.

Renee came to our home over the Thanksgiving holiday.  She spent a couple of nights with us.  Rozlynn wasn't feeling very well, as she had picked up some kind of a bug from the daycare kids.   In the above pictures, Roz had crawled into the bathtub to explore the soap and play peek a boo from behind the shower curtain.  She was a real mama's girl because she wasn't feeling good so I didn't get to play with her very much.


Thanksgiving Dinner is being served

Pie cutting time

It was a cool, cloudy morning but the sun came out and we were able to eat on the patio

Enjoying visiting with family

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at Bret and Laura's home.  I wasn't feeling very well, so we didn't stay very long.  We came home and rested the rest of the day.


Frank started on the outside decorations, and I did the inside. Frank put the lights on the Christmas tree and helped me decorate it.

Our Christmas Tree

Little Elves dancing on the piano
 Now if Allen, my brother was just here to play the piano, the Elves could dance to his tunes. He came for a weekend visit, but his wife Joyce ended up in the hospital and he had to go back to Salt Lake so he could be with her.  It was a real short visit.  She was able to be home for Thanksgiving and Allen cooked Thanksgiving dinner.  I am proud of him to step up to the bat and cook Thanksgiving dinner for his family.

Little living room
I love this little fiber optic tree

Decorations in the Dining Room

Dining Room

Little Christmas Village on the mantel

Two Humerous High School Plays

On Thursday November 17, Frank and I went to see our Granddaughter Sierra in her high school play.  I didn't have my glasses, so I didn't get a chance to read the Director's Notes.  Frank and I both had a hard time hearing and understanding the actor who played the Governor, so for a while, I really didn't understand what was going on.  It was a long play, and by the time the intermission came Frank's back was hurting so I sent him home.

When the second act started, I finally understood what the play was about and to me got better.  It was really funny, and made the audience laugh all through the play. My granddaughter did a wonderful job with her part in the play. We are proud of you Sierra.

Sierra was hurt the very first night of the play.  There was a drunk scene where a drunk was supposed to hand her his glass and then trip.  He ended up tripping as he handed the glass to Sierra and ended up falling on her and twisting her arm at such a bad angle that it tore the ligaments in her arm.  What a trouper Sierra was as she continued on in the play, and was in tears back stage in between her acting parts.  They iced it down, and then she would go out and do her part.  She had to go on and perform three more nights in pain.  She is still healing and can just barely use her arm.

On November 19th we headed over to St. George to see my cousin Josh in his play.  The play was in a small theatre, and we sat on the front row.  Frank had to move his feet in as he felt like the players were going to trip over his feet.  That is how close we were to the actors.  It was great as we could hear everything and also see the expressions on the actor's faces.  It was so funny and we all could relate to the different characters.  Josh's Mom pointed out how much Josh reminded her of her Father, Uncle Gene.  I pointed out a drunk lady and said "that is my sister." 

It was Josh's birthday so we all met afterwards at my cousin's Penny's home for a taco dinner and birthday cake.  Penny lives closer to Tuachan and Josh had a short break before he did the evening performance. It was so much fun to be with family and especially to see John and his wife Rosie who live up in the Provo, UT area.  I don't get to see them very often.  Josh did a fantastic job with his part in the play and our favorite character was Grandpa.  It was hard to believe that a young man was playing the part as he really looked old, walked bent over and had the voice of an old man.  All in all it was a wonderful day full of laughter, something we all need in this day and age. 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Way Behind

Today I was going to try and catch up on my blog, and then my friend Paula needed some help getting information on the internet.  I worked all day getting housework done and had just sat down in my comfy chair to relax for a while, and the phone rang, it was Paula.  So I jumped right up and went into the office so I could get a good start on the information she needed.

So anyway, there went my plan on catching up on my blog and now I am so dang tired, I really don't have the energy to blog.  So my promise to myself is that I will down load my pictures that I want to post and then when I am ready to blog, I will have my pictures ready.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  As for me it was great. I went to my son's home and I didn't have to cook, except for a pot of green beans.  It was kind of a bad day for me, as I wasn't feeling to well.  Think I just needed some sleep.  Thanks Bret and Laura for the wonderful dinner.  I just wanted to post a little to let everyone know I am still kicking.....just too much going on.