Friday, August 28, 2009

G. Grandaughter & Bret Up Date

We went over to Mesquite to Mesa View Hospital so Frank could get his back X-Ray for his doctor's appointment Monday. On the way home we were just saying to each other that we should be hearing from Kristen on how the surgery went for Clinton and Kelly's youngest daughter Toree. Any way, my cell rang and sure enough it was Kristen letting us know that all went well with the surgery, and they were going to go up to Toree's room and see her before they left to come home. It is so nice when family is there to support one another. I was so glad to hear that all went well with the surgery. Toree is in the Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City, UT. I hope she will have a quick recovery and will be back to playing and doing the things she loves to do. Now I hope our trials are over for a while. Let that dark cloud that has been following our family float over a mountain top and rain there for a while. I wouldn't wish what we have been through on anybody.

I talked to Laura this morning and Bret was supposed to be released to go over to the Extended Stay Hotel across from the hospital. I need to call and check on him and see how he is doing. I forgot to tell about one of Bret's patients and friends, who had come to the hospital and Bret asked him if he could give him a blessing as he needed for his bowels to start working before he could be released. So Russell, who is a fire fighter, called upon his comrades to get one to come and help him with a blessing. Russell did get one of the firefighters to come and help him give Bret a Blessing. Bret says that is what got things working for him as the stomach started gurgling not too long afterwards. Any way Verlene, Bret's Mother in Law, was coming back to the hospital and she noticed a whole bunch of firefighters in the waiting room. So they all had responded to the call for help.

Then when Bret's friend Russell came back to see him, he found out that Bret needed some kind of a comfortable chair in his room at the Extended Hotel. Once again the firemen responded to the call, as in Bret's room at the hotel, there is a nice comfortable chair that reclines with an electric switch. So he will be able to be comfortable sitting in it and to sleep in as he felt he would not be able to get up from the hotel bed. Wow! talk about blessings pouring from heaven. GOD BLESS THE FIREMEN!

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