Sunday, September 15, 2013

UFO, Farewell to Lisa in St. George

I keep forgetting to post about a UFO we saw a few months ago.  One night we were driving home from Mesquite, NV.  We had gone to dinner and a movie.  We were somewhere in the middle of the Mormon Mesa, when all of a sudden this bright light turned on and lite up the whole area.  It lasted only a few seconds and went out as fast as it had turned on.  My husband, Frank was driving but also got a quick look at it.  We both couldn't believe our eyes as it seemed so dangerously close.  Frank said oops!!! they must have accidentally turned on those lights.  It was an oblong shape, with a whole bunch of bright red, blue, and white lights.  That is all I could see was just this bar looking thing with the bright lights.  It was huge!!! and seemed way to close to us.  I watched to see if I could see anything else hoping it would light up again, but it didn't.  I am sure anyone else driving close to us, would have seen it too.

Since this is an area where UFOs have been seen before, and also is where the Nellis Air Force does a lot of flying, Frank and I decided that maybe it was an Area 51 test of something?  It definitely wasn't an airplane form Nellis. It was just too big and looked like a big bar not wings of an airplane, and it seemed to be close to the land. There was no jet engine noise.  If anyone reads this and saw it, let me know.

Farewell and Birthday Party for Lisa
 We went to St. George last Saturday for a farewell and early birthday party for Lisa.  She and her husband are moving to North Dakota.  Her husband has been working there as a truck driver for almost a year.  They were getting tired of a long distance marriage.  Chris missed his family.  Lisa's daughters did a good job of the surprise party.  We got there early enough that we helped with the decorations.
 This is Chris and Lisa's little girl, Cienna.  she is a firecracker.  It is sad for the family that she, Mommy and Daddy will be so far away.  When Cienna found out that her big sisters weren't going, she had a real melt down.  Poor little girl.
Chris giving his married daughter a big hug with Cienna looking on.  I am sitting on the couch, and a friend of Chris's Mother is sitting in the chair.  Chris and Lisa will be leaving a lot of family and friends in St. George.  We have enjoyed going to so many family functions in St. George.  We are going to miss the fun times.  Things are changing with the family.  No more plays at the Tuachan High School as Josh graduated.  One of Lisa's daughters moved to Richfield, where her husband is going to diesel mechanic school. Gina and Gaven are the only kids of Lisa that still live and work in St. George.  The party was at Gina and Gavin's home.  I am kind of sad that there won't be any more fun family outings in St. George. Time has a way of changing things.  I do have a lot of fun memories with Lisa's family, and I am grateful for that.