Thursday, August 6, 2009

Some things about me

I was just getting a good start on my Scrapbook for Sherry, when Frank had his back surgery. I haven't had time to get back to it nor have I had the energy to get started again, but I need to get going again on it if I am going to have it ready for Sherry's birthday which is August 26.
Today as I was washing the bedding in my guest room, the quilt that I have on the bed brought back a lot of memories.
I made the quilt around 1974. I used to make some of Sherry's and Lori's school clothes. The quilt is made out of scraps from those items. I can remember Lori, Sherry, and I looking at the quilt and them telling me which pieces were their outfits that I made. We would look at clothes they liked and then pattern and material shop. I would spend the whole month of August sewing. I sure can't do that any more.
I love tied quilts and today I had to order a new quilt for our bed and mentioned to Frank, "I sure wish we could make us a tied quilt, I really loved them on our bed." Frank used to help me tie them and we would make them during the summers we spent at our Elk Meadows Condo. Those days are long gone.

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