Thursday, September 3, 2009

Making Progress

Merritt on his favorite spot
his bed at the hotel

Frank visiting Bret Laura in the back ground at
the hotel

Bret in the wonderful recliner that Firemen brought
to the Extended Stay Hotel
Bret was released from the hospital on Thursday, August 28 and spent three days at the extended stay hotel and in the wonderful recliner that lifted him up and reclined to a good sleeping position. We are so grateful to Russel and his firemen friends for the loan of the chair and getting it into the room before Bret arrived.
Bret was able to come home on Monday August 31st and got home only to find that his air conditioner was not working. So he had to get back into the truck and come over to my house. We were in Vegas at Frank's doctor for his back checkup when I received a phone call telling me he was there in my house. He was very frustrated with the whole situation as he had just paid a huge repair bill on his truck, and now his AC was out in his home. When it rains it pours! Luckily the repair was minor as it was just a switch and when Frank & I got home, Bret was waiting for Laura to come and get him as the repairs were done and the house was cooled down. So I got to see him for a while and thought that maybe the family would be staying with us for the night. It was great to see him home and not in the hospital.

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