Friday, August 28, 2009

G. Grandaughter & Bret Up Date

We went over to Mesquite to Mesa View Hospital so Frank could get his back X-Ray for his doctor's appointment Monday. On the way home we were just saying to each other that we should be hearing from Kristen on how the surgery went for Clinton and Kelly's youngest daughter Toree. Any way, my cell rang and sure enough it was Kristen letting us know that all went well with the surgery, and they were going to go up to Toree's room and see her before they left to come home. It is so nice when family is there to support one another. I was so glad to hear that all went well with the surgery. Toree is in the Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City, UT. I hope she will have a quick recovery and will be back to playing and doing the things she loves to do. Now I hope our trials are over for a while. Let that dark cloud that has been following our family float over a mountain top and rain there for a while. I wouldn't wish what we have been through on anybody.

I talked to Laura this morning and Bret was supposed to be released to go over to the Extended Stay Hotel across from the hospital. I need to call and check on him and see how he is doing. I forgot to tell about one of Bret's patients and friends, who had come to the hospital and Bret asked him if he could give him a blessing as he needed for his bowels to start working before he could be released. So Russell, who is a fire fighter, called upon his comrades to get one to come and help him with a blessing. Russell did get one of the firefighters to come and help him give Bret a Blessing. Bret says that is what got things working for him as the stomach started gurgling not too long afterwards. Any way Verlene, Bret's Mother in Law, was coming back to the hospital and she noticed a whole bunch of firefighters in the waiting room. So they all had responded to the call for help.

Then when Bret's friend Russell came back to see him, he found out that Bret needed some kind of a comfortable chair in his room at the Extended Hotel. Once again the firemen responded to the call, as in Bret's room at the hotel, there is a nice comfortable chair that reclines with an electric switch. So he will be able to be comfortable sitting in it and to sleep in as he felt he would not be able to get up from the hotel bed. Wow! talk about blessings pouring from heaven. GOD BLESS THE FIREMEN!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

August 25, Bret's Surgery Day

Sherry visiting Bret
Bret after a shot of Morphine

We intended on being at the hospital before Bret's surgery, but the night before surgery we had a horrible night. Frank had heart burn and was in a lot of pain, both back and leg. So he ended up on the couch and of course I was worried about him so I didn't sleep either. So we didn't get to see Bret before he went into surgery. We just couldn't get up and get moving on time.
Frank, Sherry, and I got to the hospital around 10:30 AM and met the rest of the family in the waiting room.
Laura's parents, Dean and Verelene, Sierra, Merritt and Laura were all there. Dr. Scott came out a lot earlier than we expected and told us the good news that Bret had done really well, no bleeding, etc. He had taken the tumor out with a pie cut shape and sewed the kidney back up. Dr. Scott felt that the surgery was successful as far as getting the whole tumor out. I can't remember the correct medical term for it, but the tumor was encased and he was able to cut the whole thing out.
Since it was getting close to lunch time and Bret still was in recovery and would be in there for another hour or so, and they would allow only Laura to go into recovery, we left to go eat lunch and told them we would come back when they had Bret in his room.
When we got back we found out from Laura that Bret had some pain issues so they had to get that under control, and then they took him directly to his room and she didn't even go into the recovery room. I can't even imagine the pain involved with having your rib cut out and having your kidney cut on. I know Frank has had bone cut with both his complete knee and back surgeries, and he had to deal with a lot of pain.
I was glad to get back to the hospital and see Bret in his room and to see with my own eyes that he was doing as well as possible. He was hooked to a morphine pump and he was hitting it every ten minutes. It was strange as I thought it would knock him out as he has never used any kind of strong pain meds. We came back later that day and let Laura go over to the hotel so she could eat, and have a little break.
I rented an extended stay hotel right across the street from the hospital so Bret could be there Monday evening as he had to do a cleanse and had fasted all that day. He had to be at the hospital at 5:30 AM as he had to have blood work type and screen, and then an EKG before surgery. Also it was so much easier for Laura and family to have a place to go to and rest, eat. etc. I told them to keep the room as long as they needed it.
Frank and I came home yesterday after noon after we went to the hospital and visited Bret again. While we were there Dr. Scott came in and told us once again that Bret had done really well, and that he would more than likely release him Thursday. They were waiting for him to pass gas and have a BM before letting him go. Bret hasn't eaten much of anything and he had to take something to clean him out the night before so I was thinking how can he have a BM when there is nothing there? The nurse made us laugh when she said "Nurses are weird creatures as they love to hear the Fart sounds." We all had a good laugh and it had started when I had told Bret let them RIP it is OK in a hospital.
I talked to Laura this morning and she said Dr. Scott had been in and had checked Bret and they had changed his dressing. Dr. Scott said it would be better for Bret to leave the hospital as he would be more apt to move around and he needed to do that. They had Bret up yesterday sitting first and then later walking. While I was talking to Laura they were walking down the hall way. If they do get out today, they will stay in the hotel for another day or so as Dr. Scott doesn't want Bret to be too far away from the hospital. I have to call again to see what the status is on that. Oh, and one other thing, the pathology report on the tumor came back and it was cancerous. Which was no surprise as Dr. Scott said he was 99% sure that it was.
Just called Laura, and she said that they are keeping Bret another day. He is so weak, and still hasn't had a BM. He isn't eating anything and has lost too much weight. He is so skinny any way and to lose more weight is not good. In fact a dietitian came in to his room yesterday and Bret was down to 150 something. I had noticed that in his bed he just melted into the bed, and that kind of worried me. The dietitian wanted him to drink Ensure, and Bret made a face like "No Way.! Laura did get some insure today and it is chilling right now and I told her to tell Bret he had better drink it or Mommy would be there to make him drink it. :) I worry about his weight as being under weight isn't good either, and he was under weight to begin with. I will be so glad when he is home with a smile on his face and is out of pain.
I got a phone call from Kristen, my granddaughter and Clinton's, (her brother) youngest girl is having a brain type surgery tomorrow in Salt Lake City as a cyst she had almost from birth has moved from over her eye area to over her ear and it is bleeding in a large area affecting the brain. Gosh, WHEN WILL IT STOP.! So now I will hear from Kristen tomorrow after the surgery to know the outcome of that. When Kristen called I thought it was to find out more about Bret, which it was, but then she said "I have to tell you something." My heart fell to my stomach as I waited to hear more bad news as I knew from the tone of her voice that it was indeed that, bad news. Her family is up in Salt Lake to support Clinton and his family. Today my prayers and thoughts will be with them as well as Bret.

Day with Renee at the Beauty Shop

Good Job Renee
Renee getting the job done

Frank's Turn

Grandma with two months of growth

Needing some help!

Renee showing off her beauty skills
Sherry looking good.

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Washing out the color
Sherry & Renee

Monday the 24th the day before Bret's surgery, Frank and I headed for Las Vegas to get badly needed hair cuts. It was Renee's day off but she did a family day for Sherry, Frank, and I. Sherry picked up Renee and we met them at the beauty shop. Once again I was surprised at how big Renee is getting, or should I say Rozlynn. She had her support girdle on and it makes her tummy look bigger. Rozlynn doesn't like the girdle and Renee says she kicks at it.

It was nice that Sherry had driven Renee there so Frank could leave after his hair cut and go to her condo for the rest of the day. It takes quite a lot of time for two people to get hair cuts and color. We finished up and Sherry drove us back to Renee's house and we got to see Rozylnn's bedroom that Jason and Renee have been working so hard on. Sorry I forgot to take pictures, but it was really nice. They had wanes coated with two different colors, with a nice wood trim in the middle. The colors were kind of a burgundy on the bottom and a pinkish color on the top. they have baby furniture that they are still putting together.

We ended up having dinner later on at the Bellagio, thanks to a friend of Sherry's who comped us as there is no way we could afford to eat there. It was yummy, but way too late to be eating dinner, so consequently Frank payed for it with heart burn, even though he was careful to stay on his strick diet. We had a horrible night as Frank was having heart burn and was hurting as he had to go up a flight of steps to Sherry's condo. We wanted to get up early the next morning so we could see Bret before surgery. That didn't happen after a sleepless night.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

What a Miracle and Bret's Surgery

Frank getting ready for his walk. I can't believe that we just had him in the hospital Monday through Tuesday afternoon. With the fluids and the antibiotics that were put into his system, he was like a new person. It was like the difference between night and day. We feel so blessed that he was able to come home Tuesday afternoon a new man.
He was diagnosed with Diverticulitis and sent home with a strict diet and prescriptions for two weeks worth of antibiotics. Today Frank drove us to the car wash and helped me wash his dirty truck, being careful not to bend. Then we went to Overton to have some lunch at Sugars and when I went to get in the car he was in the drivers seat. It was weird to me not to hop in the drivers seat as I have been doing all the driving for two months, but it was so nice to see Frank behind the wheel again.
Bret went in to Vegas for his pre-op appointment yesterday and it took all afternoon to get the paper work, blood work, etc. done. They told him he would be in the hospital three to four days, and then Dr. Scott (first name) told Bret that one of his staff members would have to release him as he was leaving town September 1st. So that kind of made Bret think that maybe he would be in the hospital more than the three to four days as he is being operated on Tuesday the 25th. He is hoping that Dr. Scott will be the one to release him.
Then he found out that Dr. Scott wants to open him up so he can see better what he is operating on. They had talked about doing the surgery endoscopically. So now with having to open Bret and a rib taken out, it means a longer recovery time. Dr. Scott told Bret he will hate him for a few days, the exact same words Frank was told about his back surgery. Unless it is necessary, Dr. Scott will not take the whole kidney out just the section with the tumor. There is a medical term for the surgery, but I can't remember what it is called.
It will take a six week recovery time and after the six week recovery; Dr. Scott told Bret, he would see about letting him go back to work. Bret being a chiropractor requires a lot of physical movement working with his patients. This is worrisome to Bret to be out of work so long. If he isn't working, he isn't getting paid, and in October his business picks up as the Snow Birds are back in town by then.
If the tumor is cancerous, Dr. Scott told Bret they would be best buddies as Bret will have to be checked out often. So now we are just waiting for Bret to have the surgery and be on the recovery part of it. We will be going in to Vegas to be with Bret when he has the surgery, so we will know the outcome. We will be praying our hearts out that all will go well and that Bret will have a speedy recovery. Our family has been through enough this past year and we will all be happy to have things back to a normal pace.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Horror Story at the ER

Last Monday the 17th, I took Frank to Dr. Gorman and he ended up sending us to the ER in Mesquite. We arrived in Mesquite around 1:00 PM. Frank was so dehydrated that they had to give him a whole bottle of Fluids in an IV before he could give them a urine sample. Then they did blood work, and as usual we waited and waited to hear what they were going to do and what the test results were. Then an X-Ray Tech came into Frank's room to take him for an Ultra Sound on his belly. That took about 45 minutes, and then they brought him back to his ER room. Finally after waiting for quite some time, the ER Doctor came in and told us the Ultra Sound showed a mass in Frank's stomach and gave us some options of admitting him to the hospital and then transporting him to either St. George or Las Vegas in case they would have to do surgery on him. Now when you hear "mass in the stomach" what is your first thought the big "C" word. So tears started to flow the minute I heard the mass thing.

The doctor said they would have to do a Cat Scan with dye, etc. So Frank had to drink something that looked like sudsy diluted lemonade. He had to do it in intervals and it took a little over an hour. I was so afraid he would throw it up, but to my amazement he kept it down. During this time the old brains, his and mine, were working overtime thinking the worst. Tears kept coming down my face, but I did my best to control them as I didn't want to lose it in front of Frank.

Then finally the Cat Scan Tech came and got Frank, and I called Sherry and told her what was going on. We both were in shock mode and Sherry went into solve problem mode of Mom shouldn't be alone and if we have to make decisions on where to take Frank to St. George, or Vegas, and who would be a good surgeon, etc.; she had better have the family there. Of course she didn't tell me that, until later. My neighbor Wendy called as she knew Frank had to be taken to the ER. When I told her what was going on she cried with me and said "I am coming over to be with you as at that time I was there alone.

Before I knew it, my grandson Merritt and his girlfriend Mirassa came, and then Wendy came right after them. I held it together until then and I told Wendy I had to go out in the hallway which I did and fell into her arms and sobbed and released some of the pent up tears. Then Bret, Laura, Sierra, and Sherry all came in the door, and Bret came over, put his arms around me and we both sobbed together. The memory of Larry's death was all to close and I just didn't think I could handle losing another husband.

I felt so bad as Bret is going through his own trial of a Kidney tumor and upcoming surgery and he certainly didn't need this. Life was not good during this time, and I thought "I guess it is my turn again for the trials of death." Doom and gloom had been on my mind for several hours.

The Bishop and his wife came to support us and for him and Bret to give Frank a blessing. I sent Bret and Sherry back in to be with Frank as I knew by then we should be hearing something about the Cat Scan. I didn't want Frank to see me so out of control with my emotions and wanted to get them back under control before I went back into his room.

I was talking to the Bishop when Bret came out and said the most wonderful words of the night, "Mom the Ultra Sound gave a false reading, the Cat Scan showed there was nothing there." I went into the room and the doctor was there and I asked him if I could give him a hug for the good news. He said "I never have had a hug before for good news," and he gave me a hug. I feel a miracle happened that night and was happy to take it. We had Frank's life back. The Bishop and Bret gave Frank a blessing, and then gave me one.

The doctor admitted Frank to the hospital and made arrangements for a room as he said Frank had an infection going on in his intestines and needed to be on IV antibiotics, and still receive more fluids. So Sherry and I waited to go up with Frank to his room to see where it was and Sherry wanted to see what they were going to be giving Frank. After Frank was all hooked up with the bag of antibiotic, and he was settled down, we left and went to the Casa Blanca to have a lite dinner as it was so late and nothing else was open. We got home around 11:15 PM and Sierra spent the night with me so I wouldn't be alone. I thanked my Heavenly Father all night long for spearing Frank's life and finally getting on the right track to getting him better.

I was missing one son that night. This son has chosen to not have anything to do with our family even in times of need. It makes me feel so sad as I have lost a whole family in my life to choices they have made. All I can say at this point is that "Life Sucks Sometimes!"

Monday, August 17, 2009

After Thought Frank's Pain

We went over to see Bret a few days ago to have him work on Frank's neck. Afterwards we were talking about the pain frank has in his upper leg, the one he had a complete knee replacement on. Bret got to checking it out and discovered that Frank has a torn muscle. It had to happen when they put the tourniquet on. They used over 300 lbs of pressure and Frank had a lot of pain after surgery and it was so bruised, black, blue, yellow, red, you name it and the color was there.

Frank asked some of the old guys he golfs with that have had knee replacements, and they told him they didn't have a tourniquet, but when we asked the PA about it at Frank's next check up, he said they use it on all patients. So it makes sense that something went wrong for Frank to be so bruised, and it was really hot to the touch for a long time. The home nurse was even concerned about it.

Bret told Frank to massage it crosswise and to use moist heat on it. It seems to be getting much better after doing this. There is scar tissue in there that has to be busted up. So we do have one answerer. Now today at 11:15 we are going to see Dr. Groman and hopefully there will be some answers there. If something doesn't change, I think Frank will end up back in the hospital. I am so afraid that something terrible is wrong and it scares me to death. I can't lose another husband, I can't handle it, and then I am worried about Bret. Way too much to handle right now. Sorry, I am in a real depressed mood.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Poor Frank- Bret Up Date

This is a favorite picture of Bret and Sierra at Renee's wedding. We are so happy to have Sierra home after spending the summer with her Grandparents in Idaho.

Frank continues to have a fairly good day and then a bad one. Once again today I thought that maybe he would get through the day without vomiting or diarrhea. He got through breakfast, lunch, and then tonight about an hour after dinner, he got sick. He has a pain in his lower stomach that comes and goes. Last night his sister Mary called and when he told her about the pain she thinks he has an infection in his lower intestine. She works in a hospital and has first hand experience with patients health problems. So tomorrow we will try and get in to see Dr. Gorman, our local doctor and see if he has any answers.

This morning I started Frank on probiodics thinking maybe he needs the good bacteria back in his system. We tried a ginger tea last night that had other stuff like peppermint, etc. but as soon as he started to sip it, he knew it wouldn't stay down. I am so worried about him, as he is so weak and can't walk any more for his back therapy. He looks so drawn and his voice is even weak. We have to get him better soon as he has to have an X-Ray of his back surgery in a week or so and then on the 31st he has his check up with his surgeon.

Bret has a pre-op doctor appointment on Wednesday to go over his surgery. Dr. Scott will know by then just what procedure he will use in the surgery, if he will take the whole kidney or not? Bret should know more then what the procedure will be. I think we are all walking in la, la, land hoping and praying that all will go well with the surgery, and that Frank will get better. It is constantly on our minds. I know how nervous I was for my surgery last January, and it was nothing like what Bret is going to go through, so I can't even imagine what is going on in his mind.

Bret and Laura went up to the Provo area Friday and met Dean and Verlene and Sierra. They spent the night and then came home yesterday with Sierra as she starts school in a week. She will be a Sophmore. It was nice to see her again. She has been gone for two months. It is amazing how she has changed. She has grown another two inches, and has filled out some more. She is definitely looking like a young woman now, and Bret will have to carry a baseball bat to keep the boys away from her. LOL

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bret's Surgery - Frank Dr.'s appointment

Today Bret had the two tests the doctor wanted him to have before scheduling surgery and everything was good. His ulcers had healed up, and he had one polyp which I am sure they removed; so his surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, August 25th. I know we will all be glad when it is over and Bret is recovering and not anticipating surgery. He has always been my healthy son and I know that will help him get through the surgery.

I took Frank to our local doctor yesterday, and he put Frank on some more pain meds and a anti nausea pill. As soon as I got the meds, Frank took them and almost instantly fell asleep and slept for several hours yesterday. It was badly needed sleep and this morning he feels much better and went for his walk around our subdivision. The doctor will work with him to help with the drug withdrawals. Much better than Frank trying to do it himself. So for now things are looking much better, and as soon as Bret's surgery is over we all will be relieved. DARE I BREATH A SIGH OF RELIEF NOW?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Up Dates on Bret & Frank

Bret went to the Urologist yesterday and will be going back today for another CT Scan as the doctor wants to get a better picture of blood vessels, etc. The doctor will be there to tell the tech where to go in the kidney so he can see the areas that he wants to see. The doctor also wants Bret to go through some more tests to make sure he is healthy enough to withstand surgery. Dr. Scott (first name) told Bret that he will not take out the whole kidney and if he went to any other Urologist they would take the whole kidney. So as it stands now, Bret will have to have some more tests, a Colonoscopy and an Endoscopy, and the CT Scan before we will know any thing more.

Another update---- Just got off the phone with Laura and she told me that Bret is scheduled to have the other tests tomorrow in Mesquite at Mesa View Hospital. Dr. Scott wants to schedule the surgery as soon as possible. So it may be with in a week or so.

Frank got sick again last night. He was throwing up all night long and is feeling really bad. We have an appointment with our local doctor at 11:00 AM this morning and hope to get some answers and medicine that will help him get through this horrible ordeal he is going through. If it wasn't for the terrible pain in his left leg going from his knee up to his thigh he would be doing a whole lot better too as his back his doing great. I am on the constant edge of tears and feel like I am going to explode. Just too much stress in my life right now. WHEN WILL IT END!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bret Bad News - Stroke Like Symptoms a Blessing

I took some rice pudding over to Bret. I can't help still being a Mommy and thinking that one of his favorites, rice pudding might cheer him up.
Bret, Laura, and Merritt came over to our house last night with some very bad news. I was in the computer room doing genealogy and I heard their voices as they came in the door. It was kind of late and an uneasy feeling came over me as I knew he had a CT Scan that morning. This was a follow up from the scare of the stroke like symptoms. I had been wondering about it all day hoping all would be well with it. I was going to call Bret earlier and then I thought to myself that he may not be able to get the results until Monday.
Bret was able to get CD copies of the X-Ray and took them to his doctor here in the Valley, where he received some bad news. He has a growth in his right kidney and by the way it showed up on the X-Ray (it glowed) it looks cancerous. I can't give the technical terms that is on the results, but all I know is it is bad and Bret will be seeing a Urologist in Vegas on Monday. He thinks they will remove the kidney and by the way the X-Ray and blood work looked it is contained to just the Kidney.
I had to fight the tears back because I knew if I started to give in to them, I would be hysterical and I didn't want to upset Bret any more than he was. He didn't really want to break the news to me but knew that he had to as he had a good friend of his and another neighbor give him a blessing. Word gets around fast in a small town like ours.
I feel like a dark cloud came over our family last October with Frank's knee surgery, then my surgery in January, and Verelen's (Bret's Mother in law) had surgery the same time I did. Then Frank had to have a complete knee replacement, that led to his recent back surgery and at the same time Dean Bret's father in law was having heart surgery, a scare with Renee going to the hospital with a pain in her lower stomach, to this. Just when I think things are getting better, something happens. I can't help but wonder "When Will It End"! Things could be worse is what I keep telling myself. So the stroke like symptoms led to finding a growth that usually does not show any kind of symptom until it is too late. So I am grateful that the stoke symptoms caused the follow up CT-Scan. Someone up there is watching over us, and for that I am grateful.

Renee's Visit - Progress of Baby

Renee came out to Logandale to visit us and her cousins last Thrusday the 6th. We hadn't seen her since Frank's surgery, and I couldn't believe how big the tummy is getting. Rozlynn is growing and the way time is flying it won't be long and we will be seeing her growing on the outside.
It was a nice surprise when Renee called that morning and said she was coming out. She brought some Carmel popcorn my favorite, my recipe, and Renee says I am the one who taught her how to cook. Actually, she worked in restaurants and learned a lot of fancy cooking. She always loved to cook and still does. The top picture is the most recent and you can see from the other pictures how much the baby has grown. Rozlynn is due November 22, and that will be here in no time.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Some things about me

I was just getting a good start on my Scrapbook for Sherry, when Frank had his back surgery. I haven't had time to get back to it nor have I had the energy to get started again, but I need to get going again on it if I am going to have it ready for Sherry's birthday which is August 26.
Today as I was washing the bedding in my guest room, the quilt that I have on the bed brought back a lot of memories.
I made the quilt around 1974. I used to make some of Sherry's and Lori's school clothes. The quilt is made out of scraps from those items. I can remember Lori, Sherry, and I looking at the quilt and them telling me which pieces were their outfits that I made. We would look at clothes they liked and then pattern and material shop. I would spend the whole month of August sewing. I sure can't do that any more.
I love tied quilts and today I had to order a new quilt for our bed and mentioned to Frank, "I sure wish we could make us a tied quilt, I really loved them on our bed." Frank used to help me tie them and we would make them during the summers we spent at our Elk Meadows Condo. Those days are long gone.

Something Positive

Frank is finally up and has been eating solid food. I bought some G-two Gatorade and he has been drinking that, and also he is eating a small banana for Potassium. Hopefully his electrolytes will be balanced and make him feel better. He felt good enough to go for a walk today, so that is good as that is his physical therapy for his back and Knee. He felt good enough to play his favorite computer game, Poker. He is now laying down as he went to Dr. Bret's with me to have his neck worked on, and that wore him out. I sure will be glad when we can look back on this and say, "Phewwww glad that is behind us." THANKS MEG FOR THE GOOD ADVICE.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Drug Withdrawals - Poor Frank

Frank has been doing really well as the pain has finally subsided, and he was walking a little further each day. He was cutting way back on his medications, and then all Hell broke lose. He has been on strong pain killers since last Oct. when the knee problem started. You know the kind that the perscription has to be a hand written one from the doctor. I was worried about him being on them so long.

Starting yesterday afternoon, Frank started to alternate between chills and then hot flashes with drenching sweats. Then the stomach started to roll and rumble. Then the back door trots as I call it started. We were awake off and on all night long and finally Frank went into our guest bedroom as he thought he was disturbing me. He was drenched when I checked on him this morning. He got up and showered and I was hoping that would make him feel better.

He ate a small bowl of Cream of Wheat, and later on tried to drink his hot coffee substitute and that didn't stay down long at all. I decided it was time to call Bret and have him come over with our next door neighbor Kyle and give him a blessing. When all else fails It is time to depend on the Lord for help. I worry about dehydration and I am trying to give him sips of water, which comes right back up. So later on I will try ice chips. I keep telling myself and Frank that this too will pass. Boy! will I be glad when we can look back at this as another one of those bad life experiences.