Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Eve at Grandmas

On Christmas Eve I made a taco dinner for my family.  Sherry, Renee, Rozlynn, Bret, Laura, and Sierra came for the fun.  Sherry and Renee came early and helped me with the finishing touches, guacamole, and salsa.  It was funny as Sherry was making the Salsa everyone was tasting it and saying it needs more of this or that.  Finally it was perfected.  Then the same tasters were there to test the guacamole.  It was delicious.  I had made a pot of home made re fires,taco soup, and of course taco filling.  When it was all ready we were hungry and decided to call Bret's family and have them come over instead of waiting until 6 PM.  So we were able to eat a little early. 
I know the following pictures are mostly of Rozlynn.  I couldn't help myself as she is so dang cute, and like I said Isn't that what Christmas is all about the "Little Ones."

First Rozlynn explored Santa Land with Grandma Sherry

Rozlynn with Momma in her Red Coat that we bought her for her Birthday

Showing off her new Christmas dress

Grandma Sherry couldn't resist buying this for Rozlynn

Rozlynn ripping it up

Uncle Bret watching Rozlynn ripping it up

Open it Papa

Frank got a Logetic camera to Skype with his brother
 Then we all gathered together in the family room, and I passed out the song books, and as usual I couldn't get my disk to play.  Finally we got it going and the singing began.  We sang all the songs in the book.  Then I brought all the small presents to the coffee table and let everyone take a turn to chose a gift.  Sherry was so excited to get the DVD The Help, that no one would take it away from her.  Then we exchanged gifts and Rozlynn had a bunch to open.  Grandma Sherry spoiled  Rozlynn with all the gifts she had bought her.  I gave out my candy kisses in a little red sock, and everyone got a brand new fifty dollar bill in the bottom.  It was so much fun to watch Rozlynn open her gifts.  Little ones make Christmas fun.

Another fun Christmas is over and here it is New Years Eve.  HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!!!! And To all I pray for a prosperous, new year filled with love and Joy!!!!!

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