Monday, December 19, 2011

Way Behind

I really have been a blog slacker.  It seems like we have been on the dead go this past month.  I am going to post some pictures and make comments on them and hopefully catch up.

Renee came to our home over the Thanksgiving holiday.  She spent a couple of nights with us.  Rozlynn wasn't feeling very well, as she had picked up some kind of a bug from the daycare kids.   In the above pictures, Roz had crawled into the bathtub to explore the soap and play peek a boo from behind the shower curtain.  She was a real mama's girl because she wasn't feeling good so I didn't get to play with her very much.


Thanksgiving Dinner is being served

Pie cutting time

It was a cool, cloudy morning but the sun came out and we were able to eat on the patio

Enjoying visiting with family

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at Bret and Laura's home.  I wasn't feeling very well, so we didn't stay very long.  We came home and rested the rest of the day.


Frank started on the outside decorations, and I did the inside. Frank put the lights on the Christmas tree and helped me decorate it.

Our Christmas Tree

Little Elves dancing on the piano
 Now if Allen, my brother was just here to play the piano, the Elves could dance to his tunes. He came for a weekend visit, but his wife Joyce ended up in the hospital and he had to go back to Salt Lake so he could be with her.  It was a real short visit.  She was able to be home for Thanksgiving and Allen cooked Thanksgiving dinner.  I am proud of him to step up to the bat and cook Thanksgiving dinner for his family.

Little living room
I love this little fiber optic tree

Decorations in the Dining Room

Dining Room

Little Christmas Village on the mantel

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