Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Early Christmas Present

New Counter Height Dinette Set
 The nice thing about the dining room set was that RC Willy's delivered it and also put it together and took the packing material away.  Too bad it couldn't have been the bedroom set that we had to put together ourselves. Ashley's doesn't deliver to our area.
New King Bed

Chest with Mirror

High Chest of Drawers
When we were in Vegas for Rozlynn's birthday we decided to spend the night with Sherry so we could shop the next day.  Frank went to RC Willy's to pick up a part for Sherry's recliner.  While he was there he saw a beautiful bedroom set, and he decided to bring me back to see it.  That started a shopping spree not only for us, but for Sherry too as she wanted to look at dining room sets. 

The one Frank saw at RC Willy's was beautiful, but it would have cost us $5,000 for all the pieces we wanted.  There is no way we would pay that much for it.  Sherry found a dining room set that she liked, but it had a glass top, and she wanted wood.  So we headed to Ashley's to look there as that is where Sherry had bought the furniture she was trying to match. 

It didn't take long for Sherry to find what she was looking for and we found the bedroom set above.  The lady that was helping us gave us the inside details that if we came back on black Friday we would get an additional 22% off from the price of what we wanted.  So she went ahead and wrote it up, and told us to find her on Friday. 

The only bad thing was that Ashely's doesn't deliver to Logandale.  So we had to go in and pick it up.  The big job was putting it all together.  We had cardboard, Styrofoam, and packing material all over our backyard.  It was quite a chore to put it together especially for Frank.  First we had to tear down our old bedroom set, and clear out the bedroom.  Then the next day we hauled the old set up to our Granddaughter's home as we gave it to her.  We are loving our new bedroom set.  I have been wanting a new set ever since we moved into our new home.  A dream came true.  Thanks Frank for making it happen.

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