Monday, December 5, 2011

Way Behind

Today I was going to try and catch up on my blog, and then my friend Paula needed some help getting information on the internet.  I worked all day getting housework done and had just sat down in my comfy chair to relax for a while, and the phone rang, it was Paula.  So I jumped right up and went into the office so I could get a good start on the information she needed.

So anyway, there went my plan on catching up on my blog and now I am so dang tired, I really don't have the energy to blog.  So my promise to myself is that I will down load my pictures that I want to post and then when I am ready to blog, I will have my pictures ready.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  As for me it was great. I went to my son's home and I didn't have to cook, except for a pot of green beans.  It was kind of a bad day for me, as I wasn't feeling to well.  Think I just needed some sleep.  Thanks Bret and Laura for the wonderful dinner.  I just wanted to post a little to let everyone know I am still kicking.....just too much going on.

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