Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Frank & I celebrated New Years yesterday by going to the move War Horse, and to dinner at the Casa Blanca seafood buffet.  Wow! the movie was really good, one of the best ones I have seen this year.  It was a two and a half hour movie, and it went by really fast.

We went to Vegas Thursday to see the Bellagio Christmas display in the Conservatory.  It was beautiful, but packed full of people.  I thought that maybe it wouldn't be so bad after Christmas, boy was I wrong.  People must have been coming in for New Years early.

We were going to spend the night with my daughter Sherry, but decided to go back home.  When we were coming down the hill into Vegas we could see a dark cloud of smog hanging over the Vegas valley.  I have been fighting a sinus headache and wasn't feeling that great, so we decided the best thing was to get out of the smog, and head for home and go to the Movie in Mesquite the next day.  We found Sherry working at her station and visited with her a few minutes and left.

There were Polar Bears, Penguins, a huge Christmas tree, and most everything was made out of flowers.

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