Sunday, December 27, 2009

Picture for Christmas

This was a surprise gift given to me from Bret and Laura. I had admired it at the Pomegranate Festival a while back in a booth that was operated by a friend whose Mother's paintings were featured. I fell in love with the picture but it was in a gold frame and wouldn't really go well with the colors in my home. They had some prints there of the same picture and I thought about buying one and having it framed. We left the booth with the intension of returning and maybe buying the print, but we never went back and I kind of forgot about it. My son Bret is a neighbor of the friend running the booth, and they told him how much I loved the picture. So guess who bought it and gave it to me as a big surprise. We just so happened to have a frame that we could use and it turned out really nice. It is hanging on my living room wall for all to admire. It's not crooked on my wall, just me taking a crooked picture. The lady who did the painting is a well known artist and I will have to find out her name as I can't remember it and then I will post her name. She does murals, and all kinds of paintings and does fabulous work.

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