Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Proud Grandparents- Renee's Birthday

A couple of weeks ago we went into Vegas to help Renee out a little by cooking dinner. We made a homemade pot of yummy soup, Renee's favorite.

Jamie and Jersey were there and Jersey got to hold little Rozlynn. What a cute picture of both. Watch out Jamie, Jersey will be asking for one of those cute babies.

Robyn dropped by to help us celebrate Renee's 31st birthday. Grandpa took a four generation picture. Grandma sure needs a hair cut. Grandpa and I said we weren't going to get hair cuts until Renee can do it. We are both looking a little shabby. Renee said maybe Monday we can all meet at the beauty shop. Robyn is on cloud nine as she is engaged to be married and the date is set for February.

We went into Vegas to go to Renee's for her birthday, and to see the baby. We couldn't believe how much Rozlynn had grown. She is 9 lbs now. Renee was looking better but her eye was hurting her and she called me yesterday to tell me that the yeast infection had come back on her and the baby, and she thinks she has a Sty starting on her eye. I feel so bad for her as it has been a tough time adjusting to the baby, no sleep, and then she and the baby getting a yeast infection.
The yeast infection is very painful and makes breast feeding a very painful event. It makes me wonder if the infection doesn't get under control, if Renee will be able to continue to breast feed. I guess our hair will just have to get longer and longer as I can't see Renee feeling well enough to be cutting hair.

When we got home there was a message on our phone letting us know that the X-Ray Frank had last Friday shows a fractured screw in his back surgery. Wow! how does a stainless screw fracture? Now we are all stressed out as to the fact there may be another surgery involved, but hopefully it does answer the question of why he is still having so much pain in his back. Frank has a Doctor appointment with his surgeon on the 23rd. That kind of puts a damper on the Christmas spirit. I keep thinking "When will it stop!!" What a way to start out the New Year. We will just have to wait and see what the doctor has to say. I am sure he will want a CT-scan so as usual it will be a process of wait and see.

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