Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Catching up -Thanksgiving Day

Jason did a fantastic job of cooking the turkey, yummy yams, and mashed potatoes. We all brought something, so it made it easier on him.
Jason's Dad started to carve the turkey, but ended up having Bret carve the bird. The turkey was really good and moist, and the dinner was tasty. We were all stuffed.

We had Thanksgiving Dinner at Renee's. We tried to talk Renee out of having Thanksgiving at her home, but she said Jason was going to do all the cooking. The baby was only eight days old and we knew that it would be hard on Renee to have so many people around. Sure enough, Renee and the baby had a yeast infection that had just started the day before, and Renee couldn't nurse, so had to pump, and then little Rozlynn was fussy and hungry, and had a little purple mouth, and that upset Renee, and she ended up in tears. She has been on a roller coaster since the baby was born. We are going in to Vegas tomorrow to see them, and Frank will give Renee a blessing. She is learning the trials of being a new Mom. I think all of us Mothers can relate to sleepless nights, baby crying, and raging hormone imbalances. It will get better but at the time it is happening, it doesn't seem like it will ever end. Sure glad those days are over.

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