Sunday, December 5, 2010

Winter is here

When Frank heard on the news that it was going to freeze he went out and picked some of our roses and put them in a vase.  A couple of them were the ones that have a wonderful rose scent to them.  The aroma of roses filled our kitchen area for a while.  It was really cold for a few days, freezing cold.  That is all it took was one night of freezing and all the leaves have turned brown and will be falling off from the trees soon.  I don't mind the cold at all after the hot summer we had.  I can throw on a sweat shirt, or cover up in a blanket, where as in the summer it is hard to cool down. 

We have been on the go again.  Friday we went to Mesquite and Frank had a CT Scan of his back.  On the 15th he will be seeing Dr. Duke who will look at the X-Rays and determine how his back is doing.  Frank feels that it isn't healing the way it should.  Guess we will find out next Wednesday. 

We went to St. George last Monday so Frank could get his Sleep Apnea Appliance.  The bottom piece isn't fitting right and is slipping off from his teeth, so I am sure when we go over for his follow up appointment Tuesday, they will have to have a new one made again.  This is his second one.  It definitely helps, and he has been sleeping better and the best part is no snoring.  That helps me to sleep better too. Yea!!!!

We had a hair day with Renee last Wednesday and spent the night with Sherry.  I was disappointed as I didn't get to see Rozlynn at the beauty shop as Renee takes her to a day care.  Renee and Jason surprised us later that evening and brought Rozlynn to Sherry's condo.  She is so dang cute and we had some fun with her. Rozlynn started walking on her birthday so that was a surprise for us.  She looks so tiny to be walking.  She can crawl faster than she can walk, so she drops down to crawl when she wants to go really fast.  I also had fun playing with Ozzie, Sherry's cat. 

Thursday morning on her way to work, Sherry dropped me off at the nail salon and I treated myself to a pedicure. Frank picked me up and we ate at Red Lobster, and then went to the Galleria Mall to do some Christmas shopping.  I was looking for a sweater, but couldn't find one, so we headed for home as I ended up being exhausted.  The story of my life.  Exhaustion is my friend.  One that I really don't want. I have been feeling rotten and need to go back to my doctor and have an A1C test done.  I know I need to stick to a low carb diet. How hard is that during the holidays?!! I am walking on my "dreadmill" every day that I can.  So at least I am doing that.  I have been feeling dizzy, in fact at church today I almost fell.  I feel like I am drunk, and anyone watching me may think I am.  LOL

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