Thursday, December 16, 2010

Doctor's Visit - Good News

We went into Vegas last Tuesday the 14th which is my grand daughter Renee's birthday.  We took Frank's son and daughter out to dinner for our annual Christmas dinner.  We went to Mimi's and had a wonderful dinner there.  We had a nice visit with Chip and Robin and it was great to see them.  We left with a promise to try and see them more often. 
Jason & Roz

After dinner we went to Renee and Jason's so I could give Renee her birthday gift.  Sherry came after work, and we had a nice visit with them.  Roz was getting sleepy by the time we got there, so I didn't get to play with her.  She is really walking good now, and it still is a surprise to see her walking all over the place.  She is getting good enough at walking that she is doing more walking than crawling.  She is so dang cute, you just want to pick her up and love on her. 

We spent the night at Sherry's condo, and the next day was Frank's appointment with Dr. Duke his back surgeon.  We were expecting the worse and instead had a pleasant surprise as Dr. Duke went through the X-Ray disk with us.  He showed us that Frank's area of surgery was healing, and in fact gave Frank permission to go ahead and start to golf again.  That made Frank's day as he has been patiently waiting to golf again.  Guess where he went this morning?  You guessed it.  He went to the park and golfed with one of the old farts he used to golf with.  By the way, Dr. Duke wished us Happy Holidays and we came back with Merry Christmas, he then replied Merry Christmas back to us.

We did find out that the pain pills Frank is taking, are causing a lot of his pain problems.  Kind of like a rebound situation, but mostly it is blocking his body's mechanism that controls pain.  So he was told to get off from the medication in a months time.  Frank has already gone down to a lower dosage and has been cutting the pills in half, but now he will have to gradually keep taking less and less each day. 

The doctor also showed us all the arthritis and spurs in his spine, which is contributing to his back pain.  We both know that at our age we will never be free of arthritis pain.  Just part of the growing old thing. DARN!!!  I am just happy that Frank's surgery area is fusing and healing.  So maybe we will be able to take off with our fifth wheel next summer.  We are planning on a trial trip in the spring.

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