Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanksgiving - Christmas Decorations

We had Thanksgiving dinner at Bret and Laura's home.  It was just the four of us as Sierra was sick and stayed in her bedroom until we were through eating and then she came out to eat.  It was kind of nice being small, no stress, and kind of quiet, until Bret told a joke and we all laughed our heads off.  As soon as we started to eat Bret was doing his usual ummmmmm as he was eating. Something he does when he is enjoying what ever he is eating.  Laura sets a beautiful table, and everything was yummy!!!!!

Bret carved the turkey breast.  We cook turkey breast in the crock pot and it is always moist and the gravy from it is the best.  Bret and I are gravy lovers and I put it over my turkey, dressing, and of course potatoes.  We had the works, turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, yams, rolls, and of course cranberry sauce.  Yum!!  Then home made pumpkin pie for desert.  I made some cherry cheese pies, Frank's favorite. Oh and I made a big salad bar. Laura cooked the whole dinner.  Thanks Laura!!!!

Frank waiting for dinner

Laura all finished eating

We were all stuffed but still had some pumpkin pie.  We sat around for a while and visited.  It was a great day at the Staleys.  Merritt and Marissa came after we were finished eating and filled their plates and heated them in the microwave.  They visited a while and then headed over to Mesquite to visit Marissa's family and have dinner with them.  Hopefully it was later as they had to be stuffed.  Thanks Bret and Laura for a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Everything was great!!!!!


Santa's Land

Santa waves as people drive by.  The kids in the neighborhood have their parents drive by our house so they can see Santa.  Our whole corner is all lite up as our neighbors across the street have their place all decorated too.  In fact they have a lot more lights than we do.  Every one teases us asking us if we are trying to keep up with them, and we just say "There is no way we can keep up with them."
Newly Painted Nativity
Frank repaired some of the broken pieces in our nativity and he decided to paint them in colors as they were all grey.  It really brightened it up.  I helped paint a couple of pieces.

Santa Clause

I haven't been feeling too well, so I didn't put many decorations up in the house.  This is one of my favorites.  Bert and Ernie were part of a McDonald meal that I bought for Garen's kids a long time ago when I was baby sitting them in Kingman, AZ  It makes me think of them as they gave them to me.  Maybe they thought they were too old for them.  I put up my slim tree, and bought some new decorations for it.  I bought some unbreakable balls as last year the ones I dropped broke in a million pieces on my tile floor.  I was cleaning up glass way after the holidays.

This is a little tree that Merritt and Sierra gave me a couple of years ago.  They wrote cute things to me on those little tags you see hanging from the tree.  It is really special to me.

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