Monday, December 6, 2010


It's CHRISTmas...not X-mas!!! Don't remove Christ from HIS birthday!!! Post this if you agree...Please don't X out the Lord!!!!! (I'd love to see this on every one's wall!!!) Christ is the reason for the season

This was on facebook and it made me think of Aunt Bevy.  She hated it when anyone used Xmas and promptly corrected me a long time ago when I used it in a letter to her.  So from then on, I made sure I used Christmas in letter writing, etc.  Also I have decided if any clerk in a store says Happy Holidays to me, I will return with a Merry Christmas back to them. 
That is the big problem in the world today, people are taking our Savior and God out of our prayers in schools, trying to take him out of the government, etc. ....and look where we are in the world today.  Hopefully it will humble us all and make us turn our hearts and prayers back to God.  Just a thought for this Christmas season.

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