Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Renee's Baby Shower

Wow! Look at Renee's belly. Little Rozlynn is growing fast and it shows. I hadn't seen Renee since our last trip to her beauty shop and I couldn't believe the growth of the baby. Her baby shower was on September 20th. The shower was held at her home and there were so many people that you could hardly walk around. I couldn't believe the stack of baby gifts. She had a lot of duplicate gifts, but most had receipts in them and she was going to take some of them back to the stores and get things she didn't get. I don't know what that would be as it looked like she had everything a new baby would need. I wanted to take a picture of the darling baby's bedroom, and I forgot. Renee and Jason did a fantastic job of painting the room and decorating it. I can't believe that soon I will have my first great granddaughter. Renee is due around the 20th of November, but everyone thinks the baby will be early. I can't wait to see the baby and get to hold her. Jason is so excited you can see it in his face. Frank & I are going in to Vegas Thursday to have our hair done before Renee has to quit as it will be quite a while before we will be able to get our hair done.
Renee & Jason had just bought some new furniture and had done some accent wall painting, and their new home is beautiful. They are also in the process of landscaping their back yard. It made me want to do some accent walls in my home. Better not say that in front of Frank, as he will think he has to jump right in there and start painting.

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