Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Finally Good Things Happening

After being tied to the house the past year with first my surgery and down time and then Frank's surgeries and his recovery time, I had lunch with my friends Paula & Peggy. We used to get together once a week for a visit and sometimes lunch. We have decided to start up our girly club again.
Yesterday they came to my house and I had a salad bar all ready. After lunch we gathered in my computer room and Frank gave them a lesson on genealogy. It is nice to be able to socialize again.
The winds of change came today. Yea! Fall is here and we are going to have much cooler weather in fact the temperature was 100 here yesterday and it is only supposed to be in the 70's today. I love the Fall as it means cooler weather for several months. I really don't like the hot summer months and I never have. I have lived here for over 40 years and I have never adjusted to the hot summers. I love being able to go out on my patio and sit, read, and enjoy the sounds of my bubbling fountain. The fall decorations are appearing on my neighbor's front yards. Pumpkins, scare crows, and all the Halloween stuff. Sometimes I get the urge to buy some Halloween decorations when I see some of the neat things they have in the stores. I would love to go up to Utah and see the Fall colors next month.
I used to decorate for Halloween when I had kids and grand kids around as they helped me decorate and it was so much fun to see their eyes glow with excitement as they placed the decorations on the windows etc, but now Christmas is our big decorating season and that is just around the corner. I used to make up costumes for my kids to wear to the big Halloween school parade. Remember Bret, the Big Foot costume we made up for you, and no one knew who you were? Those were the fun days.
Good news! Bret is really doing well, and the bed they had in their family room for him is gone and he is back in his own comfy bed. He is looking good and has gained back his weight, but Bret you could use quite a few more pounds and hopefully that rice pudding I keep bringing to you will help. Next I will bake you some of your favorite chocolate chip cookies. Mom is spoiling you, and I know Laura is too with those good pumpkin pies. I didn't even get a taste of the last ones she made. I hear from the neighbors on your block that they see you walking up and down the street and they are happy to see you out and about. Well, I have to quit for now and get ready to go to my nail appointment, and then go Visiting Teaching, another full day of stuff to do.
I have to add one more thought. Today would have been my first husband Larry's & My 49th anniversary. In some ways it does seem that long ago and in other times it doesn't seem it has been that long ago. Wow! I am getting ancient and I feel time is running out.

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