Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bret's Doctor Appointment

Bret's patients me included will be
happy to see him back in his office
with his smiling face.

Bret back home from his doctor visit
in Las Vegas

I couldn't believe how much better Bret looked when I went over this afternoon to see how his doctor's visit went today. Dr. Scott was impressed with how well his incision had healed and they even took out the stitches, which surprised me. He still has the Foley (think that is what they call it) the drain and he will still have to take sponge baths for a few more weeks. Boy will he appreciate that first hot shower. Just getting the stitches out and getting some of the irritating tape off made him feel better. I am sure he will continue to get stronger and the pain will subside a little more each day.
I have had so many people come up to me and ask how Bret is doing. He is loved by a lot of people here in our valley and they have all been concerned for him. His patients are anxiously waiting for him to return to work and so am I as I miss my chiropractor treatments from him.
We love you Bret, and wish you a speedy recovery. I have enjoyed our visits and reminiscing about our old friends in the valley. I hope that dark cloud that has hung over our family is going to let out some badly needed rain fall and then just go away.

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