Thursday, September 3, 2009

Frank's Back Surgery Checkup & My Checkup

Frank shopping with me at Walmart
Frank's muscle in his leg still hurts him enough that he rides the scooter at Walmart. This picture is for you Allen as you said that you couldn't imagine Frank using a handicap scooter. So here is proof. We were shopping in Las Vegas as we had been staying with Sherry for Bret's surgery and then for Frank's and my Doctor's appointments.
On Monday morning the 31 of August I was able to get into my doctor. They worked me in and the doctor went over my blood work and she changed my hormone cream. I am going to a doctor who works with the biodentical hormones. I needed to have a change as I have been hot flashing like crazy and not sleeping at nights because of it. She went over my thyroid test and told me that we needed to keep up on the ultra sound test on me as I have some cysts on my thyroid. She had just diagnosed two young women with thyroid cancer. She herself has gone through breast cancer, and it came back the second time. She is still growing her hair back and she says that she is doing good now. She is Indian and believes that people in the US needs to change their diets, too much fast foods, and pesticides in our country, and also our environment needs to be cleaned up. There is just way too many people popping up with cancer. I agree with her. I got a B-12 shot and made my next lab test appointment. So now we won't have to go to the doctor for three weeks.
Monday was a day of doctor's visits as Frank's doctor visit was later on in the day. His appointment was at 3:30 so we packed the car up so we could just head for home as soon as his doctor appointment was over.
We were amazed when Dr. Duke the surgeon came in to do the checkup, as we were under the impression that it would be his PA. I decided that he was a really nice guy after all, as he was in a different mode than when he came out to see us after surgery. He took his time and told us he was really happy with what the X-Ray showed. He said that Frank was healing good, and was impressed with how the incision had healed. He did say that there was still healing going on and that Frank still needs to take it easy for the next three months. Now if we can get the torn muscle in his leg to heal as well, Frank will be back in pretty good shape for an old man. Frank hopes to be able to putt, and and play a little golf by Christmas, just not a full club swing. He will be a happy camper to be out with the old farts down at the park again.

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