Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bret Improving Daily

We dropped by Bret's today after eating a yummy
lunch at Sugars, fish & chips one of my favorites.
I wanted to get a new picture of Bret as I forgot to get one the other day when I was there. He is getting stronger each day. It is nice to see him up and moving around and especially eating again. I had some fish and fries left so I took it in to him, and he ate it all plus some of Laura's good home made pumpkin pie. Laura makes the best pies. :) Of course Frank & I had a small piece too.

Hey! look at Frank (Pops) in the background and you can tell he has lost 40 lbs. He hopes to keep it off and lose some more. We had to go to Walmart last Friday and buy him some smaller pants as his old ones were falling off. He had to use his belt to keep them up. It is so good to see both Bret and Frank doing better.

I can't wait for Bret to be back in the office so I can get a good chiropractor treatment. I am one hurting Mama. I am used to getting worked on at least once a week and I can tell that isn't happening. I know Bret's patients feel the same way I do. HURRY UP BRET AND GET BETTER SO WE CAN SEE YOU BACK IN THE OFFICE WITH THAT SMILING FACE.

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