Thursday, April 30, 2009

Robyn S. - Renee's Wedding

This is a picture of Robyn Sandoval and one of Renee's cousins. Robyn is my granddaughter. Isn't she beautiful? :)The nice thing about going to a family wedding is that you get to see family that you don't get to see very often. It was great seeing Robyn and catching up on her family news. We sat at the same table at the reception after the wedding. I found out that Shiloh was visiting her for a couple of days so he could look for a summer job in Vegas. He is going to college in Cedar City, and is planning on going into nursing. Good for you Shiloh. Also I found out that Shannon is planning on doing the same thing, that is going into nursing. He will stay in South Dakota to finish his schooling there, which surprised me as he told me that he hated the cold winters there. Wonder if that cute girlfirend of his has anything to do with this decision? :) Good job Shannon! Good luck to both of you boys. I used to baby sit both of these boys when they were babies, and it is so hard to believe that they are young men now. Where does the time go?

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