Thursday, April 16, 2009


Frank Started his physical therapy two weeks ago. He goes three times a week and by the time he gets home 1 1/2 hours later he is a hurting man. He took a pain pill and as I am writing this he is in his lounge chair sleeping. He says that It does get better every day. They add something new each time he goes. The one that hurts him the most is when Rob, the Physical Therapist holds his leg on his shoulder and pushes down on it. I really thought that when the picture was taken Frank would be screaming or at least have a painful look on his face. I had Frank take my camera with him today and he had the office girl take the above pictures. We both will be so glad when the pain goes away and we sure are hoping by Summer he will be ready to travel. I see that the date stamp in my camera still isn't working right. I tried to change it again and thought I had it fixed. Can't figure that one out. These pictures were taken on April 16th 2009

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