Friday, April 10, 2009

Frank's Surgery

After we had our scare with a possible blood clot or infection, Frank was told to keep his knee raised and ice it down. So we had to borrow our old recliner back from our neighbor as it would allow Frank to lay back and get his knee above his heart with the help of pillows. I see I haven't changed the date on my camera. Guess I had better do that little chore. I hate taking the time to learn how to use all these new electronic gagdets.
I have to tell you about Frank's hot flashes, yes, I am telling you hot flashes. I know it wasn't nice but I had to laugh as now he knows what I have gone through and still do at times. We really don't know what has caused them except that his leg was really hot. We found out that they had to put a tourniquet around his upper leg and used 300 lbs. pressure. Wow that's a lot of pressure. We are thinking that maybe he was bleeding. He was badly burised in this area and this is where he has had most of his pain. Any way it was a hot spot too and we think it may have contributed to the hot flashes. So guys, menapause is real. LOL

I am glad to report that Frank is up and doing well. Yesterday we went to the Clark County Fair and Frank wouldn't let me get him a wheel chair. So we slowly walked around. First to the barbecue tent and had barbecue while watching The Priate singers. We were really disappointed in the food this year as it just wasn't as good. I think it was because they didn't have the usual dutch oven potatoes.
We walked around after that and saw a few exhibits, and then I just had to have some yummy funnel cakes. The Fair is not the Fair without funnel cakes. Frank had to have some fried zucchini and was disappointed as it was way too thick. We were able to sit and watch a couple of the entertainment shows at the Plazza stage. We really enjoyed the hypnotist. There were some real characters that were brave enough to get up on the stage and be hypnotized and do crazy things. It was nice to have a good laugh.

I have to end this by saying sorry about the bird (Cami) story being so messed up, but I copied it from my word program and it didn't copy out the way it was typed, but I wanted to put it into the blog. We have had such a horrible time getting over her death. We were so attached to her and was surprised at how much we miss her.

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