Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday 2009

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday with Bret & Laura and Laura's family. Lots of good food, barbecue chicken, Dean's (Laura's Dad) famous french bread, salad bar, funeral potatoes, potato salad, fruit salad, and then all the cholocate deserts. We ate out on Bret's huge cement slab behind his house, and the weather was perfect. We had lots of fun visiting, laughing, and the little ones hunted Easter eggs and shared them with all. I love being with family on special days.
The above pictures: (1)Daniel Allen, Sierra & Laura Staley in backgroud, (2) Dean & Erwin Allen, (3)Verlene Allen, (4)Donna & Frank, (bad hair day for Donna. I need to get into Renee for a hair cut & color) (5)Group picture Elizabeth Allen, Merritt Staley & his girlfirend Marissa, Sierra Staley,Bret Staley and dog Lassie,(6) Pops & Bret,(7) Sierra Staley,(8 & 9) Baby Catherine Allen, (10) Merritt Staley & Miressa, (11) Merritt Staley. Woops, don't pay any attention to the date stamp on the pictures. I thought I had changed it but I guess I didn't get the job done right. I changed it again in hopes the next pictures will have the right date.

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