Thursday, May 7, 2009

Merritt's last Spring Concert MVHS

Well I did it again, I forgot to take my camera to Merritt's concert last Monday evening the 4th. I need to leave my camera in my purse. Sorry no pictures. It was amazing to hear how much the kids had improved since the first of the year. The concert took place at the Moapa Valley High School auditorium. Some of the music gave me chills up and down my spine, especially Phantom of the Opera. This was Mrs. D.'s last year and the kids surprised her at the end with all the bands marching to the beat of the drums up the aisle from the back of the auditorium. Everyone was standing and clapping and had tears in their eyes along with Mrs. D. She has been the band teacher for 25 years and is moving to the middle school to become a counselor there. Her shoes are going to be hard to fill. We were so proud of Merritt as he walked away with a lot of awards in music. At the end he announced that they always played the school song at the end of games whether they won or loss and wanted to do it one more time in honor of Mrs. D. So once again everyone stood and felt the spirit and cried with Mrs. D. Merritt is in the regular band and also in the jazz band and he had solos in just about every song the jazz band played. Wow he can make that Sax rock! Congratulations, Merritt!

The 5th was Sierra's 15th birthday and we went to our favorite eating place in Mesquite, Los Lupies to celebrate her birthday. I can't believe that she is 15. We ate until we were all busting at the seams and then Sierra opened cards and gifts. We really enjoyed the evening with the family, and Sierra had a lot of nice gifts, especially money as that is what she really wanted as she is saving up for a Shakespeare workshop. Keep up the good work Sierra. We love you!

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