Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Monday's Disaster

Mondays are my big cleaning day, changing sheets, vacuuming, dusting, you know all of that stuff. If there was a picture to post it would be of me cleaning up a brand new bottle of White Shoulders, my favorite perfume that was given to me as a Christmas gift. I was getting out the clean sheets for our bed and as I was doing this I bumped the bottle of perfume and it hit our tile floor and broken glass and perfume went everywhere. I knew this would be a bad day at that point. So after I cleaned that up I was getting Downy ready to put into the washer and had forgot that I had a half cap full that I didn't use on the first load so I ended up dumping Downy all over me shelves, floor, etc. at that point I felt like sitting down and crying and was afraid of what would happen next. Sherry came over later and I told her what had happened and she said "well at least it is all good smells." My house will smell like White Shoulders for a few days. I guess that is the good outcome of the bad. I have to admit the rest of the day went well and no more accidents. Thank Heavens! I was able to clean off our patio, and get our little water fountain going and that was great as that was a job I had been wanting to get done. Now if I can just get my office organized and junk thrown away I will be able to start on my next project of making my daughter Sherry a scrapbook. I had made Bret & Garen one a long time ago, but didn't get
Sherry one made and I have felt guilty for a long time so hopefully I can start that soon. I bought a Cricut and I hope to put it to good use on this project.

Bret & Laura celebrated their 23rd anniversary on the 18th, and Bret wanted to surprise Laura by taking her to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. He made reservations at a new hotel at Jacobs Lake and they found the hotel to be really nice, but at the same time found out the North Rim of the Grand Canyon was closed and won't be open until some time in May. Maybe that is why they were the only guests there. So they ended up staying one night at Jacob's Lake and then went on to the South Rim the next day. What was supposed to be a short trip became a long trip, but they really enjoyed it. Sierra & Merrit came over to stay with me as early Saturday morning, I had to take Merritt up to the high school so he could go on his Senior class trip. Sierra had play practice for over 4 hours Saturday. Talk about busy teens. It was fun visiting with Sierra and hearing about all of her friends and the funny things they do. Wow! to be young again and have all of their energy.

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