Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Renee & Jason Overbeck Wedding

Sunday evening we went to our (Granddaughter) Renee & Jason's wedding in Las Vegas. The setting was beautiful as it was at The Lakes in Las Vegas, right next to the lake. We were the first ones there and it was fun watching the people in their boats and canoes, and also watching the ducks swimming by. The weather was perfect, and the wedding ceremony was really nice. There was a reception afterwards at the same place and they had a delicious dinner for all. Then Jason & Renee had their first dance as husband & Wife. After that dance it was time for the Father and Bride dance. Then it was time for all to dance. I got talked into dancing with my son, Bret and it was a fast dance. I would dance a while and then try to return to the table and everyone cheered me on to go back and dance some more so I did. When it was over I could barely walk back to the table as I was so out of breath. It was really fun dancing with my son. We used to dance together in our trophy room a long time ago. Pictures above are of course Renee & Jason, and Renee's mom Sherry off to the side. Jamie and her Mom Verna, Bret & Sierra, and Frank & Me. Jamie and Renee were best of friends all through school, and Jamie is my adopted Granddaughter. Robyn Sandoval was there with us too and I will post a picture of her later. It is in Frank's camera. We wish Renee and Jason a happy long life together. We love them dearly.

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