Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Heat is On

Wow! it was 108 today here in our valley.  I think we all knew that it was coming and I guess we shouldn't complain as the month of May was wonderful.  We were going stir crazy today and I tried to busy myself with genealogy on ancestry and that took my mind off from the boredom for a while. 

As I was sitting at my computer looking at an old property deed, Frank invited me to go to Mesquite for dinner.  I jumped up and was ready in a few minutes.  Yea! we were getting out of the house for a while.  The first thing I noticed that is all too familiar was the heat wave hitting me in the face as we got out of the car at the Casa Blanca.  Yep, summer is here.

My idea of getting away for a month or so to a cool place like a Park City, Utah Condo blew up like a big balloon popping. When I inquired about a monthly rate on a nice condo, and the owner said $2,000, I said "well that is a little out of our price bracket."  Who am I kidding, it is way out of our bracket!  Park City is only for the rich and famous.  For people like us it is a place to drive through and see the beautiful scenery and homes of the rich.

My Aunt Kay used to own a condo there, and she let us stay there for vacations, and we really enjoyed it.  That was for free, and all we had to do was leave it nice and clean.  Now that is my kind of price. :) We had a lot of fun as Park City is close to all kinds of fun things to do.  Salt Lake is close by with all of the attractions there, including relatives and friends to visit.  So we thought that would be fun to do again.  Well, I guess I will have to come up with a new game plan.  Maybe some new misters and a barbecue on my back patio, or one of those blow up pools to splash in. :)  I can always sit by my fiith wheel travel trailer, and pretend that we are back by the beautiful ocean.  That wouldn't last too long as the sweat would be pouring down my face in a minute.  Oh well, the think tank is starting up.  We will see what we can come up with.

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