Friday, June 18, 2010

New Look For the Master Bedroom

Frank and I have never really liked the paint color of our interior walls.  The color was supposed to be a neutral beige but ended up with a lot of yellow or gold in the color.  It has faded some and doesn't appear to be as gold.  If we could do one thing to our home it would be to have it professionally repainted.  We have only been in our home five years and the paint is in good condition except for a few dings in the dining room and one in my bathroom.

I have bought so many bedspreads trying to find something that would look good with the paint color.  Frank didn't like the dark brown spread I had as he felt it made the room too dark.  So We started looking for a new bedspread a few months ago.  We couldn't find anything we liked until last week at Sam's Club we found one that had the spread, beds skirt, and pillow shams. 

Then, of course, I had to find new curtains.  We went to Anna's Linens and we found some that we thought looked good with the spread. 

Frank helped me out a lot this morning and steamed the new spread as it was badly wrinkled.  We hung the curtains yesterday.  So here are the views of the new look.  One is just the comforter that I already had and I was thinking it looked good with the new curtains and pillow shams. I could just add a dark brown throw across the bottom which seems to be the new look.  Well hopefully we will be satisfied for a while.  I have about four bedspreads waiting to be sold at our next yard sale.

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