Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cousins Visit

I received a phone call from Lisa my cousin from St. George.  She asked if she and her Mom could come for a visit the following day Monday June 7th.  I was so excited as they have never been to our new home.  We usually see them in St. George and it is usually when something is going on with the family, weddings, graduations, etc.  So I called Sherry and told her Lisa and Penny, Lisa's Mom were coming to visit.  Sherry decided she would drive home from Vegas and spend the night just so she could be here and get to see them. 

It was so much fun as we talked, laughed, cried etc.  We ended up going to Sherry's new home so Lisa and Penny could see it and we stayed there for a couple of hours.  We came back to my house and snacked on some macaroni salad, crackers, and cheese.  We decided that we should do this again and make sure we invite Lorri, Penny's sister as she was disappointed that they hadn't invited her, but it was such a spur of the moment thing and Lorri is always so busy she wouldn't  have had enough time to prepare for the trip.  Next time they come, it will be a sleep over party.  I hope it all pans out as it seems like planned things never work as well as spur of the moment things. 

Sherry won't like this picture.  She hasn't been feeling too good as she has been having some dizziness going on.  She thinks it is from allergies that she had a month or so ago. I sure hope she gets better soon as she has to work with heavy trays serving drinks, and she has had a couple of spills due to the dizziness.  So Sherry don't be too mad at me for the picture.

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