Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another Fun Day With The Girls

Yesterday turned into a fun day with the girls.  Sherry talked Renee into coming out to Overton with her to get a treatment from Bret.  Renee called Robyn and Jamie to come and join us for lunch. So we all met at The Scoop after Sherry and Renee had their treatment from Bret.  Jamie met us at Sherry's after lunch and Frank left me with the girls to visit. We had so much fun visiting and watching Rozlynn learning to crawl and play.  She crawls like a worm, and it won't be long before she will be crawling all over the place.  Every time we see her she is bigger and doing something new.

Robyn is really looking PG now and looked so cute with the belly poking out.  We can't wait for her to have her baby and to watch him grow and enjoy him. She is due August 22 and that really isn't that far away, as time flies. It is nice to have Robyn closer and to be able to see her more often.  We decided to try and do another marathon visit on June 28.  We will see if that works out as it seems like something always comes up.

The best part for me was when Jamie drove me home and gave me a massage. She started on me around 6:30 PM and finished around 8PM.  We gabbed to the whole way through the massage and it went by way too fast. I was like a wet noodle.  I got up and ate something, watched a little TV and then went to bed.  I slept really good as usual after a massage. Well, that caught me up on the blog.  I just came in from trimming my roses, and fertilizing them.  So it is time to turn the computer off and get ready for bed.

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